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Found 7 results

  1. Win a VorTech! + Get Organized: 10% off Controller Boards The Eighth Day of Fishmas
  2. OH MY! 10% off Radion XR15w | 10% off VorTech MP40wQDEcoTech Marine deals were just unlocked for Black Friday!
  3. Selling 2 MP40wQD's. I upgraded to MP60's for my 180G since these were not getting enough flow across the tank. They were both used for approximately 6 months and are in perfect working order. $250 per pump if picked up or inquire for shipping rates. Thank You
  4. Join us TOMORROW for our live Q&A with Jay of EcoTech Marine!Learn how to optimize lighting and flow to grow healthier corals!>> REGISTER HERE
  5. With the completion of my new build the wife has of course demanded the old tank be sold. This setup was my first successful SPS tank, and will always be my favorite if not for the size. The photo showing the tank full below is just a shot of my old tank, there is no live stock for sale. Included: - LifeReef AIO Aquarium w/rear sump (~33 gallon display, ~15 gallon rear sump) - Custom oak cabinet built specifically for the tank - LifeReef SVS-24 Protein Skimmer - LifeReef ~18 Gallon ATO reservoir - 2 X Ecotech Vortech MP10w, w/customer acrylic light mount - 1 Ecotech Radion Gen 3 Pro LED - Mag Drive 9, Mag Drive 5 Asking $1,050 OBO, will part out
  6. I need advise i am currently using 2 hydor korillia 600's on a smartwave but the sound of the pumps starting and stopping drives me crazy!!!! They make a real loud click every time the controller switches powerheads and my tank is in my living room . I was considering buying a mp10 instead and would really appreciate anyone's input who is using a vortech powerhead. Are the vortechs quiet? Do you guys think they are worth the price? And will 1 mp10 be enough flow for my 34gallon Solana mixed reef? Thank you so much for any advice!!!
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