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Found 2 results

  1. This thread is where you post your contest entries. Please try to only post contest pictures and keep discussion in the other thread. The point of the contest is for everyone to have fun. Please be respectful of other participants, any negative or disruptive posts are highly discouraged. Anyone found to have cheated in any way will be disqualified from the contest. Contest Information Start Date: 4/1/18 End Date: 8/1/18 On 4/1/18 each participant will post a photo with their frag and the amount of current zoa heads. Each month thereafter (+/- 3 days), participants will post a photo of their frag. We understand life gets in the way, so if you forget you will get a gentle reminder. Frags can be removed from original plug if desired. You can keep your tank parameters a secret, or post them with your monthly photo. Winner will be the individual with the most new zoa heads. ***The contest winner will receive two Triton Labs test kits *** If anyone sees anything that needs to be edited or added to the contest rules/guidelines, please feel free to say something. List of Contestants @Muttley000 @Harleybronco @Outlaw @chiefs11 @Joe @SilentNight1793 @Flounder @jeff70 @hllywd @Jeffress77 @Clint526
  2. Luke Schnabel

    I have a few zoa frags for sale 6 Polyps of Fire and Ice, 5 Polyps of Scrambled Eggs, 4 +1baby Fiji Rainbows and three polpys of Rastas!! Im only asking $80 for the lot. Located in Canton Ohio but can drive a little while to meet or I have the ability to shit at buyers expense.