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Hello Buckeye Reefers

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Hey everyone.

Just getting back into the hobby. Used to have a few tanks when I lived in an apartment in Toledo but had to get rid of them when I moved back to my hometown and bought a house. Finances now allow for a new tank, so I'm back at it. 

Really looking at one of those ZooMed Lowboy frag tanks (48x24x10). Always been a fan of a lot of floor space but shorter tanks. Loved my 40g breeder planted tank that I had for many years, which will soon be converted into a sump. Yes, I know the tank is short but that's what I like. Seen a couple really nice setups using this same tank. Just need to figure out how to slow down the evaporation, as the tank will be in my basement and I'd prefer to not have my dehumidifier running constantly. 

Been watching the Bulk Reef Supply BRS160 video series to brush up on my old knowledge and learn a thing or two, as well as reading here and R2R. Really some interesting new ideas since I left the hobby that I'd like to try a few months or a year down the road. But first things first.....buy the tank and start that lovely cycling.

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