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Zen Reef Frag Tank

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Since I am planning on doing more in the frag swap scene, I decided to pick up a swap tank. I looked long and hard to see what people were offering and what options seemed appealing to me. I was blown away at what companies were charging for just the tank itself $200-300! That does not include pump, frag racks, light rails or anything.

I finally stumbled upon the Zen Reef Frag Tank. Comes in two different sizes, 11 and 15 gallon. It also comes with stacking frag racks, pump, light rail, pointers, and a locking lid! Pretty much a one stop shop, and your ready to go. A little pricey at $420 for the 11 gallon, but considering what you get I don't find it to be a bad deal at all.

Here are a few quick pics. Will grab some better ones later.





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Nice. Pretty sweet setup. You will have to let us know how you like it after you set it up and break it down at a swap. 

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On 10/18/2018 at 6:12 PM, Muttley000 said:

Need more pics!

Here ya go! Getting ready for tomorrow. 

Full tank shot! 


Comes with a lockable lid just in case you want to lock up your home wrecker colony the night before the swap. 


Heater and pump in place. Will be running a bag of carbon tomorrow. 


Adjustable frag racks. They have an awesome silicone insert that holds the frags firmly in place. Comes with six racks. 






These are sized to stack in a Home Depot 5 gallon drink cooler. They fit perfect. No sliding all over the place and there are holes on all the corners for you to slide in you acrylic pointers. This adds for more stability in the tower of frag racks. 




They did not ship the pointers with the package and they seem to be lost in transit somewhere. I borrowed two from my LFS. Always nice to have a good reputation with your LFS! Zen said they would send me more if the pointers didn't show up. Rep for awesome customer service!!! 

So far I am extremely please with the setup. I can't wait for tomorrow to see how things go! 

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11 hours ago, Muttley000 said:

How did you do @crimsonvice?

Didn't do to bad! I had a lot of fun. I was super stressed the night before and the morning of the show, but everything ended up working out great! All the vendors were super friendly and gave me tips for the next swap. 

I picked up a few zoas, an iron man mushroom, and I splurged on a frag of Walt Disney. My daughters grabbed a green mushroom from @Harleybronco and @Dr.Fraggenstien, and they snagged a birds nest frag when I wasn't paying attention. Already have that one. Lol but they were excited. 



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As far as the actual tank goes it was pretty awesome. There was no movement on the frag racks during traveling. I did not use the pointers to stableize them either. 

After setup I had an issue where I needed to level the tank. The water line was pretty close to the edge and if I bumped the table water would spill. I think this was mostly because of the table not the tank. I put a folded piece of cardboard under it and it worked out perfect. 

I think I need to pick up a smaller heater. Maybe one of the Cobalt neos or something. My Ehime 150 was just a giant eye sore. 

I will be adding a heater in my 5 gallon water dispenser next time just to make the full water the same temp as the tank. I used it to fill my cups. No mess. 

Pretty much just small adjustments for the next one. I think the next I will do is Cincy Reef swap. Then maybe Buckeye. I don't know about Buckeye, cause I might just want to come and have fun. 

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