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Poly Lab Premium Coral Frag Glue

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In Today's video we take a look at Poly Lab Premium Coral Frag Glue which is available at Premium Aquatics. 

Polyplab Premium Frag Glue 7 Pack: https://goo.gl/omun3d 

Polyplab Premium Frag Glue grenade 25 pack: https://goo.gl/EXQMma 

Features: Initial use child proof protection ring Positive pressure only aluminium tubes means you get all the glue that you pay for Ability to glue underwater with out any back syphoning / compomising the product It's an ultra thick gel that you can litterally "make ice cream cones with" Every tube comes with it's own stem Stem diameter is uniform for a perfect application Glue has an 8 hr work time when exposed to air for extended frag session Glue will react with water and bond within 5-15 seconds Great for fresh water plants as well 

#polybab #fragglue #premiumaquatics 



Visit Premium Aquatics: https://premiumaquatics.com

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