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Who is Brett, and is he on here???

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If I won this it would have been a combination of using and selling some off. I would have plumbed it into my existing system and there would have been some high end livestock for sure!

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Some of the equipment is very nice, but I think it doesnt have to be as complicated as that. Lights, skimmer, RO I would keep. I might keep the calcium reactor, because I am a stick head, and can see that possibly being in my future.Tank... While it is a very nice tank, I would look into selling it, and getting a custom built 72x30x24. The Apex... well I already have one, but have been considering going all GHL, so I would probably sell both and trade up to GHL. The rest of the stuff, I would probably give back to those who need/want it. The 5k from WWC though.... that would be mine. LOL!

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