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@euphylin me

My wife"boss" and I took a trip up to AM llc yesterday, as soon as we walked in I felt over whelmed from the vivid colors and I didn't Know where to start.

The display tanks are very well thought-out, filled with alot of healthy stock. Frags are fully encrusted on coralline covered plugs. 

Talking with the owners was easy and I felt what they were feeding me was from the heart. It was worth my 50 minute drive, I would recommend this to friends

We picked up a Dragon skin lepto and wife wanted the chuckies bride polyps.

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@XBoxxyX thanks for the kind words and I'm happy we were worth your drive! We definitely appreciate you stopping in. If there's anything we can get for you let us know! You're always welcome, even if it's to just to relax and talk about the hobby!

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