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Launching Livestock Loyalty Punch Card + Livestock Updates

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Premium Aquatics livestock showroom is OPEN this Saturday January 5th and would like to first off thank everyone for their patronage and support in 2018!* We had another great year in the warehouse because of YOU and are thanking our local livestock customers with yet another great way to save money on our Saturdays!* Premium is now launching our Livestock Loyalty Punch Card which gives you $25 in FREE livestock for the 2019 reefing season.* Enjoy more savings by buying all of your livestock needs right here at Premium Aquatics!* Visit the store for more details or email Brandon at livestock@premiumaquatics.com for more information or to special order livestock.

Coral Beauties = only $14.99 this Saturday, while in stock only!!* WOW!!
Macro Algae 4 Inch bag = $9.99
Lawn Mower Blennies = $9.99
Tailspot Blennies = $9.99

New Arrivals
Lemon Peel/Half Black Hybrid Angelfish - Amazing coloration and personality!
Midas Blenny
1 Spot Foxface
Lavendar Tang
Bangaii and Pajama Cardinals
Solorensis Wrasse - Male
Orange Back Fairy Wrasse - Wow, how colorful!
Large Leopard Wrasse
Splendid Dottyback
African Red Tip, Blue Linkia, and Marble Reef Starfish
New coral Colonies
$10 coral frags restocked and looking GREAT!
Lots of new clean up crew - crabs, urchins, and Snails

Back in stock and pod population more dense than normal!  

Pickup your bucket or box of Aquarium Salt that is 150g or larger and save $20 Dollars. That's right, we will take off 20 dollars on each bucket or box that is 150g or higher. You can buy in store, or use online and choose pickup and enter coupon code:*LOCALSALT. Coupon for local pickup and retail orders only.* Shop local and save.

Stop in to see us January 5th for some great deals in reefing!*

Premium Aquatics
Local Shopping
Saturday HOURS 12pm-3pm. (1st and 3rd Saturday of each month)
Click HERE for price and availability list.*

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