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x2 ORA Tank Raised Lemon Damsels for sale (Peaceful) - Dublin

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I bought three from Reef Systems, QT'd them with prophilactic copper, prazi and antibiotics, and introduced to the 108g DT... well my clown decided he didn't like them, so I gave them some time and decided to pull them.  They got chased a lot, but these little buggers would go right back into the water column and swim around like nothing happened.  Fins never got nipped, just chased.  Fat and healthy and disease free.  I paid $20 a pop since they are ORA tank bread and were QT'd before I bought them, (I still QT'd them anyways) 

I'm selling 2 for $10 a piece.  I am only keeping 1 of the 3 so 2 available for sale. Both will work fine together.  They are sort of like blue tail or azure damsels, very peaceful, but all yellow.  when they were in QT they didn't get aggressive with each other.  They may establish a pecking order but never chasing or bullying.  I don't want to get rid of them, but sump living isn't living at all.

I live in Hilliard/Dublin Ohio and will be around this week, this weekend and next weekend (M-F next week I am out of town.)


Here's ORA's page about them: https://www.orafarm.com/product/lemon-damsel/

Heres a pick of the one I am keeping, which is the smallest of the 3:



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