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Here I am with my next beginner question. I have my RO/DI system running right now but of course I wont have enough water to mix any salt water up till morning. I only have 3- 5 gallon buckets to mix water in. I know once I have fish in tank I need to let water sit and mix for up to 24 hours but since I am just filling tank with no critters in it yet can I pour in tank after 8- 12 hours mixing? Would this affect the live sand? I figure to get up tomorrow and fill the 3 buckets and mix with salt …..run to petsmart and get cheaper power heads(save good 2 I got already for tank) put them in buckets  and let them go all day...pouring in DT right before bed......start another 3 buckets to stir  while I sleep.....pouring into display tank in morning  and repeat morning and night until tank is full (75 gallons). I know to check numbers to make sure they are  1.025 ….anything else I maybe forgetting?


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