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A new product is underway here at Responsible Reef Aquaculture. As many of you know, I like feedback. So much so I use the feedback others chose to ignore to better serve my fellow reef enthusiasts. So here it is: Responsible Reef Aquaculture's: Reef Roast! I have been working for about two months now on the recipe for this new all in one frozen food. The key point I feel is the ingredients I have chosen are marketed as phosphate-free. Now of course I am going to do a test batch and have it sent to be tested to make 100 percent certain my claims and my supplier's claims are true. But I want my buyers to know they aren't paying for spare nutrients. I might even have some ready to show off at the buckeye reef expo! Any questions are welcome and encouraged. In the meantime, we are still stocking up for the buckeye reef expo so make sure you stop buy and see what's up and say hi!     

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Just now, Muttley000 said:

Cool, so is this a fish food?  

Yes! more so an all around food you can melt and also feed to corals. I've found the smaller size works well with most reef inhabiting fish and corals. It will have stuff for tangs as well. I've steered clear of the normal lettuce and spinach as it has been found to not serve much nutritional purpose. peas and carrots are what i'm using because they serve as a good herbivore stock and have some side benefits as all natural color enhancers.   

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