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Lazy's Frag House Coral Grow Out Challenge (Zoas) 2015 (Rules thread)

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Sponsored by: Lazy's Frag House.

1. This is a Supporter only contest. Become a supporter by clicking here.
2. Create your own thread and title it "Your forum name" Lazy's Frag House Coral Grow Out Challenge (Zoas) 2015
3. Do a quick write up on your system. size, flow, light, placement of the competition piece, coral food, fish, etc.
4. Post a photo of your initial frag.
5. At certain points you may be required to post an update. You're of course encouraged to post as many updates as you like.
6. You must have access to a camera to compete in this contest.
7. No cheating. If you're caught cheating you will be banned from this contest and any future contests.
8. Only posts in your thread on Buckeye Reef will be counted. Nothing on Facebook ect. will count.
9. Frags must remain on the frag plug Lazylivin mounted them on.

This contest will run for six months starting 11/13/2015 and ending 5/13/2016

1. Number of polyps at midway point 2/13/2016
2. Most participation prize
3. Number of polyps at Final 5/13/2016
4. More prizes to be determined.


  • Frags have all been acclimated and held in Lazy's Frag House tanks for the same amount of time. You may receive a frag with more than one polyp it is the luck of the draw. They all started as one polyp at the same time. (starting polyp count will be deducted to determine total polyp count at midway and final prize dates)
  • You can enter late as long as frags are available. You just get started 
  • Buckeye Reef Staff reserves the right to alter, change, and or remove rules at any time.
  • This contest is meant to be fun for everyone. Prizes and bragging rights are a bonus.

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So is Joe's resistance crumbling? Are we doing a secret santa in December? I wonder what Joe would get?

Not crumbling. Don't believe in Santa. If I want something, I'll buy it.

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