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Fraggenstien's Lazy's Frag House Growout Challenge

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Picked up my frag last weekend at the meeting. Not sure yet if I've got it placed right, but didn't want to wait any longer to get a thread started. For now:

65g Display

250w Xm 20k

2x mp40

Temp: 78

Sg: 1.026

pH: 8.3-7.9

10g fuge

Fish fed frozen blend (lrs or rod's) daily

Placement is bottom 1/3 of tank

Starting with 1 full polyp and one baby


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Just giving you crap man. I've probably taken it a little far, sorry :)

I would think so. My eyes are starting to swell and a single tear is running down my check. Lol. Im just messing with you. I can take it.

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