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Green Bubble Tip Question

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I had two bubbles in my tank, one stayed where I put it and is doing amazing. The other did what yours is, it would move to shaded areas, close up and look exactly like yours, I moved him back to the light after a week of him staying  in the shade and it would stay for a bit, then move back to a shaded area. I did end up losing it. As for my other bubble, still doing great. Idk why but it just didn't take to my tank. I wish you good luck 

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Sometimes I am amazed what our tank creatures do, other times heart broken.  LOL.  About 4 years ago I accidently ripped my anenome in half while rearranging some rock.  I threw it in the garbage bawling my eyes out.  I sat crying at the kitchen table for a little bit and then thought "screw it.  I remember horror stories about nems. I am gonna put it back in the tank." It was a good 10" across.  That night it got bubbles for the first time.  Healed and stayed bubbled up. had two BTA about 6" across.   now I have enough to share.  lol

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