Deluxe Adjustable 4" Filter Sock Holder Now Available

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We're now making an adjustable single 4" filter sock holder.  This is machined from 1/4" black cast acrylic with kerf cut and welded corners.  The kerf cut corner process creates a smoother looking corner then standard butt weld construction and a sharper bend then kerfless bending.

These have up to a 6" of height adjustment with a 1/2" backing plate for the two thumbscrews that also acts as a spacer with tanks that have the top brace.  This keeps the sock level in the tank.  There is also a single thumb screw in the back to secure the top to the tank.

4" duels as well as 7" single and duels are in the works and as always, we can customize on request.

Price is just $14.99+shipping at this time.



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