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Anyone who was at the swap in April or is a regular customer of Dustin's knows he takes his charity work seriously.  On top of this Dustin had to have some unexpected surgery recently so the dude can just use some help!  I lifted this off his page (hope you don't mind Dustin!) so if you are stopping by...

Need some help everyone!!! I'm hoping you have all seen the info about the event we are having this coming Saturday. We are donating 30% of our sales to Montpelier HUGS. HUGS is an organization that donates shoe to those in need. We have collection boxes at the shop right now and so far we have not collected a single pair of shoes. If anyone has any gently used shoes please consider dropping them off at the shop to help us reach our goal of 100 pairs of shoes. Anyone that donates shoes will receive a 10% discount on any purchase in the store. I'm sure there will be some places having good deals on shoes for Black Friday as well.

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