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My first 120

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Hello this isn't a build thread but it's more of a set up thread :). I got my very first 120 4x2x2 and I love it! So here is the setup 120 with custom built stand and canopy. 2 black box led lights, 2 mp60 jabeo wavemakers (plenty of circulation!), 100lbs of live sand and 100lbs of dead rock, aqueon proflex sump with refugium and a eshopps s200 skimmer. I am running everything off a reef controller. I have an rodi system with 2-50 gallon drums one fresh rodi and the other saltwater. I am also running a brs gfo and carbon reactor. 

Fish: 2 red fire fish, one ocilaris clownfish, 1 royal grama, 1 6 line wrasse

Corals: green leather, 5 star polyps, purple tip piclopora, pink and green stylos, candy apple birdsnest, green slimmer, Duncans, neon green hammers, Hollywood stunner, red and green monti caps, purple and green acro, green polyp toadstool,  Eagleeye  zoes, neon red zoes, frogspawn, trumpet corals, and red and purple akins 

Now for some pictures!








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3 hours ago, Mussin said:

Love it. .. What lighting do u have?

I'm using just black box leds nothing special. Running them at 20% white and 30% blue and it has been providing great growth. 

2 hours ago, lngliv3 said:

No problems getting to the bottom of it ??

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I can't reach the bottom in the back by I have tongs that help me place all my stuff and a ladder haha 

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Haha it's not all the way completed yet once it's don't I'll post some pictures of it. I just went through and counted all my corals and I'm up to 36 corals! I got some new ones last night that included jack o lantern lepto! 

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16 minutes ago, Clint526 said:

That's a pretty clown. Looks a bit grumpy though. lol

lol I thought the same thing but I hope it's not to grumpy haha

check out my first set up to now picture! I can't wait till everything is grown out!


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Just now, Clint526 said:

Hows that sailfin and yellow getting along?

I was worried they would fight but I added them at the same time and they are best buds they mozy around the tank together all day. I'm very happy about it.

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5 minutes ago, Clint526 said:

Good, my yellow tang was a d!ck. Would pick on my fox face all the time, and hated my undy trigger. Might be cuz I fed him carnivore diet though. lol

Haha yea I'm not sure but I got the smallest ones I could find and added them at the same time and I feed them a mix of live brine shrimp and algae strips

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