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What do you dose?

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5 hours ago, Muttley000 said:

I switched to ATI essentials which is a 3 part system that includes all trace elements also. I like the system and it does keep my major numbers very stable. The more I read about the subject it really seems that every tank is different when it comes to consumption of trace elements. This is where outside testing comes in to fine tune these things if one desires. All that said there are a large number of tanks that run just fine with the BRS do it yourself elements and nothing special on the trace elements, and they get way better growth than I even dream of at this point. So I can’t really say how important all these little pieces are. I think they are somewhat important, but lots of people had good results dosing before most of us ever heard of vanadium and molybdenum!

How much are you dosing a day? 

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