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New Salt?

What salt do you use?....and why?  

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  1. 1. What salt do you use?

    • Reef Crystals/Instant Ocean
    • Red Sea
    • Kent Marine
    • Other

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Ok after two 20% wc i have noticed a considerable drop in calcium...with years of using kent maine salt it was stable at 420ppm now with omega sea its at 380ppm...sooo...im binning the omega sea and going back to kent marine.

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Ok..just used up a whole bag of this salt and all i can say is...thank god its over..algea blooms, unstable salinity, ph swings,calcium drops and phoshate problems...ive change all my rodi filters thinking that was the issue...nope..tds is 2 output..checked my ato to see if that was causing salinity problems...nope...even had to put my kalk reactor back inline the compensate the ph and calcium drops...now that this nightmare is over im heading out to get my kent marine salt back into the system...who knew salt could cause this much issues.20170812_124635.thumb.jpg.a19da243faf98713067ff328207d6901.jpg

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