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Reef Frenzy Radio is launching podcasts!

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Over the past five years while growing our business I have had the opportunity to interact with people from diverse backgrounds in the aquarium hobby. I’ve spoken with the brightest minds working in the field of marine aquaculture and also visited folks like Bill Wann who built a 20,000 gallon reef aquarium in his home. Being able to network with so many talented people gave me an idea to start a podcast so we could produce engaging and informative content for our listeners. One idea is to announce the speaker and use resources like Facebook and forums so that our listeners can send us questions or topics they would like to see discussed with that guest. Since this is brand new it will be an evolving project but we are very excited for the launch. The site just went live yesterday and Episode One was recorded at LRS with our first guest Mark Callahan. We recorded this after a nearly 9 hour day of filming at LRS and I am getting a crash course in audio editing so go easy on me for the first try. 
There is also a Facebook page at Reef Frenzy Radio which you can follow for more updates.
As always we thank everyone in advance for your support!
Larry DuPont
Owner, LRS Foods
Getting ready to begin filming!
Mark and I chilling in my office just before the podcast was recorded.

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2 hours ago, Muttley000 said:

Very cool, can't wait to listen.  Do you think it will be avaliable to download on Apple devices?

I'm still learning the "Tech" side of all this but as far as I know the service I am using (Libsyn.com) pushes the podcasts to Apple and Android platforms. We're in the process of getting the iTunes listing service set up. I'm in Florida for ReefAPalooza so it might take a few days.


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