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Purple Monster Jawbreaker Shroom Redefines Upscale Shrooms!

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Purple Monster Jawbreaker Shroom Redefines Upscale Shrooms!


What can we say about this incredible new Purple Monster jawbreaker Shroom? This fantastic corallimorph is almost unthinkable in color and pattern, and raises the bar for ALL Jawbreakers and shrooms in the reef aquarium hobby. 

This fantastic shroom is brought to us in fantastic detail by Michael Vargas, who photographed the Purple Monster ‘Breaker in the aquarium of Dat Nguyen. The single jaw-dropping polyp was acquired from BSA Corals and it features a veritable rainbow of colors. 

The base coloration is a brilliant red in the center, with streaks of purple, green and yellow colors bleeding and melting all around the perimeter. Although the price of this coral is likely to remain in ‘baller territory’ for some years to come, this is one strain we’ll definitely aspire to and won’t mind paying ‘real money’ for one day when the availability reaches a point that us mere mortals can consider getting one. 


Just when we thought the shroom craze could be reaching a zenith, this incredible purple monster morph introduces a whole new color palette. Even with a price tag approaching five digits for a single polyp, the Purple Monster Jawbreaker is clearly the crème-de-la-crème and worthy of that stratospheric price tag. But what excites us most is simply knowing that there are radical colors and patterns left to be discovered in the thicker, fleshier shrooms in the jawbreaker style. 



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