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The Awakening Of The Coral – Epic Macro Time Lapse Video

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The Awakening Of The Coral – Epic Macro Time Lapse Video


It’s so awesome to be a part of a hobby that lends itself so well to artistic interpretation. Photography, macro photography, timelapses – all of these techniques can reveal some unique insights into what our corals are doing. 

But you really see things go to the next level when all of these imaging techniques are combined into a complete video. Mark Flato’s recent upload titled ‘The Awakening of the Coral’ is the latest such example to really bring us into the world of corals. 

As much as I think I stare at corals in my own tanks, when you project corals at the macro scale and then show their movements in a time lapse setting, it becomes much easier to appreciate corals as real living, breathing and moving animals. The movements of the clove polyps waking up is truly wild and it’s also super cool to see how beaded the surface of a Blastomussa can become – great stuff Mark, keep it up!


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