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Coral growth - Halide VS Led

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7 hours ago, castlet67 said:

Isnt that a little low even on the led? Ive been told to shoot for 320 to 400 par on sps. You show great growth, so im wondering if i should tune down a bit

Meh... Idk, I think there are many opinions on what is the "perfect par" for sps. I do agree that it is slightly low, but everything has been growing great. I am going to bump my intensities a little. Ideally I want to be between 250-300. This is where I have seen the best overall growth with acros and montis. Acros being more towards the higher 200's, and montis in the lower 220-250 range. I know some people blast there sps with ungodly amounts of par, and lots of flow trying to push more color pop at the expense of growth. My thought, though, is that with higher par/led intensity you have a higher risk of bleaching a coral unintentionally. Color pop is great, but I am after growth and overall health.

What I am most disappointed in, is the par of the halide. I would have thought that it would be much greater than what it is. At least mid 200's, not 200 at the hot spot. I have shown growth on the coral under the halide, but nothing like the growth I am seeing on my led side. 


...I think I may be getting another Ocean Revive in the near future....

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