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Newbie to Buckeye Reef

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Just moving back to Ohio, getting refocused on my reefing.


I consider myself an advanced reefer although I continue to be humbled by my system and costly errors.


Currently running a 75 Miracles Rimless, mixed tank, with external overflow. 2016 Apex with base modules and ATK.


I will be restocking my high end sps... mostly Reef Raft type.


I am currently playing around with a hybrid set up of two Kessil a360s and a 250w reef brite hybrid, running a 20k radium...


I have never been able to replicate the success and joy I had with my 34g solana with 150w Phoenix and 4 24w t5s... I'm not a big fan of the led movement.


My opinion is leds sell coral don't grow them...

I've been wrong before.


I look forward to buying, selling and trading in the community.


I'll be fragging a Flaming Bugotti, Purple Urkle, Coral Diva Blue Magic, and Pink Boobie Chalice soon... I need to buy a Gryphon Saw.



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19 minutes ago, castlet67 said:

Where is lazys frag house? Im in dayton.

Lazy’s Frag House is available Saturday 11am-5pm. A quick mobile text or call about 30 minutes prior to making your trip is all that is needed. My number is 937-344-3956. My name is Brian but most call me Lazy.

Location: 6414 Ring Neck dr. Huber Heights, Oh 45424


email: info@lazysfraghouse.com


Brian aka Lazy is a sponsor of the forum and has amazing livestock selection and quality. He is a must see for sure. 


Here is a link to his forum thread. Lazy's Thread.

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