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Abyzz A200 pump and Royal Exclusiv Red Dragon 3 230W side by side

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Abyzz A200 pump and Royal Exclusiv Red Dragon 3 230W pumps currently running on my 375 on 2 closed loops.

So far I am very happy with both. I had an issue with the Abyzz pump in the beginning which turned out to be my fault. It seemed I needed more outputs on my closed loop. Not having enough caused the pump to vibrate a lot. Once I found out who was running support for the Abyzz I was able to get new parts to re-plumb it. CoralVue is a great company and currently running support for Abyzz.

I currently have both pumps hard plumbed into 2 separate closed loops without any noise issues. The only issue I have currently is with the plumbing. Sadly I found some leaks that I am fixing and one new ball valve stopped opening and closing. Once it gets warm out in the spring or summer I will drain the tank to fix it.The support for the Red Dragon is also great, I needed some parts and they got them to me right away so I can replumb the pump.

I currently have the A200 set to random mode going between 60-100%. It randomly changes the speed and various times. It has a wave mode that I have not tried yet but may in the future. The Red Dragon is set to 160W for 16 hours and 230W for 8 hours. I can not do as much with the controller as I can for the Abyzz. I wish I could control the flow more. I need a second controller (apex) to do that.

<img src="http://saltgeek.com/375/images/2017/pumps/IMG_0191.jpg" alt="Both pumps" />

Both Pumps

<img src="http://saltgeek.com/375/images/2017/pumps/IMG_0192.jpg" alt="RD3" />

Red Dragon 3

<img src="http://saltgeek.com/375/images/2017/pumps/IMG_0194.jpg" alt="RD3" />

Red Dragon open

<img src="http://saltgeek.com/375/images/2017/pumps/IMG_0195.jpg" alt="Abyzz Impeller" />

Abyzz Impeller

<img src="http://saltgeek.com/375/images/2017/pumps/IMG_0196.jpg" alt="Abyzz Impeller" />

Abyzz Impeller

<img src="http://saltgeek.com/375/images/2017/pumps/IMG_0197.jpg" alt="Abyzz Impeller" />

Abyzz Impeller

<img src="http://saltgeek.com/375/images/2017/pumps/IMG_0198.jpg" alt="RD3 Impeller" />

RD3 Impeller

<img src="http://saltgeek.com/375/images/2017/pumps/IMG_0199.jpg" alt="RD3 Impeller" />

RD3 Impeller

<img src="http://saltgeek.com/375/images/2017/pumps/IMG_0200.jpg" alt="RD3 Impeller" />

RD3 Impeller Housing

<img src="http://saltgeek.com/375/images/2017/pumps/IMG_0201.jpg" alt="RD3 Impeller" />

RD3 Impeller

<img src="http://saltgeek.com/375/images/2017/pumps/IMG_0202.jpg" alt="Abyzz Impeller" />

Abyzz Impeller

<img src="http://saltgeek.com/375/images/2017/pumps/IMG_0204.jpg" alt="Both Impellers" />

Both Impellers

<img src="http://saltgeek.com/375/images/2017/pumps/IMG_0205.jpg" alt="Abyzz Impeller/Pump" />

Abyzz Impeller/Pump

<img src="http://saltgeek.com/375/images/2017/pumps/IMG_0207.jpg" alt="Abyzz Pump" />

Abyzz Pump

<img src="http://saltgeek.com/375/images/2017/pumps/IMG_0208.jpg" alt="RD3 Pump" />

RD3 Pump

<img src="http://saltgeek.com/375/images/2017/pumps/IMG_0215.jpg" alt="RD3 Controller" />

RD3 Controller

<img src="http://saltgeek.com/375/images/2017/pumps/IMG_0216.jpg" alt="Abyzz Controller" />

Abyzz Controller

Both are great pumps and quiet.

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