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Wanted to share an experiance i had ordering from aquarium depot. I ordered 20 or so frags in december during a sale i couldnt resist. The frags can be small, seems to be freshly cut,but for the most part survive and do well.i ordered the 20 or so and paid for the overnight shipping. It didnt show up overnight,but a day later. Everything was cold and about half the frags are struggling.i sent an email to them letting them know my overnight didnt come overnight. I chalked it up to experience and figgured i would stick to local sales. They did respond and appologized. A couple days later they asked how the frags were doing,i told them which ones had problems and just didnt want to bother sending pics and pleading my case.chalk it up to experience i said. The next day i was contacted and told my order was being shipped again with an apology.  Today i recieved every single frag in excellent condition. I was really surprised. Just wanted to share this experience. Ive read many comments on coustomer service,not favorable at times.Wow i was surprised.no questions,no pics, just great service

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Yes ,i would for a sale. The sale was 5.00 a frag. Hard to belive they covered every single piece plus the shipping without me even asking. It impressed me. They ship ups which woyld be the only contributing factor in my opinion. Havnt had great luck with them. I usually only order when fedex is availible. The frags are small. But 5.00. I can put my skills to the test.

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