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Ceramic Vida-Rock is Back With Great New Shapes, WYSIWYG Too!

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Ceramic Vida-Rock is Back With Great New Shapes, WYSIWYG Too!


VidaRock was once one of the great Ceramic rock makers in the U.S. but they seemed to have busied themselves with other projects the last few years. After a long absence the company is back with a ton of new rock designs and these look even better than their legacy pieces. 

These new ceramic rocks are also lightly colored, not stark white like mined rock, or neon purple like some of the artificial ‘concrete’ rocks made other companies, but a very natural light purple brown. The shapes of the new VidaRocks are all over the place now, with branches, caves, dramatic ‘knives & waves’ and many more. 


Being ceramic there’s a lot more that goes into shaping and firing these reefscape pieces so they are more expensive than normal live, dry or manmade rock. However the originality of the shapes with all the holes, caves, shelves and swim-throughs are not what you’d find in typical rock either. 

The technique for making VidaRock is mostly by hand and since they are all somewhat different, you can actually preview them in WYSIWYG format on the new Aqua-Tecture shopping page. 



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