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Tela Bay is what All Caribbean Reefs Used To Look Like[Video]

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Tela Bay is what All Caribbean Reefs Used To Look Like[Video]


Picture every picture or video of a lush, thriving coral reef you’ve ever seen – virtually all of these are only in the Indian or Pacific Oceans because Caribbean coral reefs have degraded so much in the last couple of generations. All of them except for one, Tela Bay in Honduras. 

It’s a pity too because both SCUBA divers and reef aquarists alike have a near total blind-spot when it comes to Caribbean corals, save for maybe the elkhorn and staghorn corals. But the coral families and species found in the tropical western Atlantic ocean are very beautiful and unique in their own right, it goes way beyond Ricordeas and Flower Anemones. 

Tela Bay is one of the healthiest coral reefs in the Caribbean and last month this incredible reef was declared a marine protected area! Congratulations Tela Marine Research Center and everyone who worked so hard to make sure this hope spot is protected for future generations.


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