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New podcast about a classroom reef project in IL!

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LRS has been proud to sponsor Brandon Rutherford's classroom reef project for a few years now. These third grade students are doing amazing things!  In this podcast we learned about how the kids captive bred 500 clownfish in their classroom and sold them to a prominent wholesaler! They grew the live feeds and everything, which is so awesome.
To listen go here: http://reeffrenzyradio.com/podcasts/ (You can also download the LRS app in iTunes and the podcast in GooglePlay)
If you would like to visit his website to learn more or DONATE used or new equipment you may have lying around here is the link:  http://mrrutherfordisawesome.weebly.com/reef-system.html
It is really inspiring to see the dedication and hard work Brandon has put in to keep this project going and growing!

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 6.56.07 PM.png

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It is impressive to see what he is doing. Thanks for interviewing him Larry. I do not know how he has time to do maintain all that he does. It is nice to see the alternative learning making a difference in his community. I hope more school systems will adopt this style of teaching as well. 

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