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Unique Corals Amazeballs Goni is the ‘Homewrecker’ of Flowerpot Corals

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Unique Corals Amazeballs Goni is the ‘Homewrecker’ of Flowerpot Corals   amazeballs-goni-unique-corals-770x385.jp

It seems like flowerpot corals, Goniopora or gonies for short, have been on the verge of a tipping point in popularity for quite some time now. We’ve always had pretty good access to nicely colored Gonies in green, red and blues, but the new Amazeballs Goni from Unique Corals might finally really kick the demand for this group of corals into high gear. 


For years this group of corals has been really challenging for American reefers and our manganese-deficient salt. But with a more complete understanding of trace elements and much better testing through ICP, as well as increased use of complete trace supplements like R?plenish, many more reefers are finally having success with flowerpot corals in a wide range of tanks. 


The AmazaBalls is truly deserving of the name and our first look at this coral in person at Reefapalooza will not soon be forgotten. Its neon yellow body and stalks are crowned in brilliant polyps and tentacles that range from bright orange to fluorescent pink! The header image is in balanced daylight spectrum lighting but we can attest to this coral being so bright, it looks like you’re wearing color-enhancing glasses even when you’re not. 

cdu-blue-pink-goniopora.jpg The pink and blue goni is part of a new wave of flowerpot corals

This Australian coral seems to be amenable to aquarium life too with all frags healing quickly so far, and extending long polyps in low to moderate water flow. The prices for the Amazeballs Goni might be in the collector, Homewrecker price bracket for now but hopefully in time we’ll see this coral propagated to the point where us mere mortals can actually afford a piece!

It’s about time that a new group of corals really started to shine in the aquarium hobby and we are very confident that the Amazeballs Goni will not be the last color strain we see that makes our heart skip a beat. 



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