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Coral-Box Nano RN-1

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I am. I have my Apex ramping up my return pump twice throughout the day, in attempts to hopefully kick up some detritus and push stuff out. My Maxspect Gyres are on the Oceanic Gyre Cycle (OGC) mode which has a rest period at night and ramps up during the day. There may be some benefits to this, but I am not sure. I thought I remember reading somewhere that it may help improve the likelihood of fish spawning, but dont quote me on that. The nightly rest sorta mimics the lunar cycle when the oceans may be more calm. 

Tanks have run for years without a nightly decrease in flow, so I think you are fine. I just do it because I can, lol! 



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5 hours ago, Muttley000 said:

The specs look pretty good, are you giving one a shot?

I’m going to try and not need one on this new build. But if I do need flow, I’ll be getting one. 


2 hours ago, Flounder said:

Who is using a "rest mode" for flow?  :t107028: 

I do. 

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