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A new video featuring LRS Fish Eggs is posted!

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I went to the local fish store yesterday to shoot a video explaining our Fish Egg product as well as record some feeding demonstrations. 

LRS Fish Eggs offer the following benefits:

  • The freshest fish eggs in the industry with the shortest time from harvest to delivery to consumer
  • Highest protein & fat content of any eggs I've found commercially available
  • Proven over the past 2 years to get finicky feeders eating faster than many other frozen foods
  • Nutritional information and lab test results posted on the LRSFoods.com website
  • No artificial dyes or chemicals added
  • Mix LRS eggs in with standard LRS "Frenzy" foods for an amazing combo with boosted nutrition for your fish

The staff at LRS receives fresh caught fish packed on ice and then quickly extracts the fish egg sacks from the belly. The eggs are promptly vacuum sealed to maintain freshness before storing at -24F in the deep freeze. With 23% protein content and an incredible fatty acid profile it is no wonder aquaculture folks have labeled LRS Fish Eggs "the most perfect broodstock conditioning supplement." These eggs are nearly a slam dunk for finicky eaters as well and should be in every aquarist's freezer to help get new arrivals eating right away.


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