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Aquaticlife T5 Hybrid with Ocean Revive t247

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I love my Ocean Revive t247 leds, but have been wanting to add some supplemental t5s to the front and back. I have eyeballed the Aquaticlife hybrid for some time, but the standard brackets would not fit the 10.5" Ocean Revive. However, Aquaticlife came out with additional brackets that will expand the unit to 24" wide allowing the middle space to accommodate led units up to 12" wide. 

Thanks to the wonderful team at @MarineDepot I was able to get the extended end brackets and two sets of two center rail mounts, and well obviously the 48" Aquaticlife Hybrid fixture. The following pictures show the 24" end plates and mounting brackets.




I was hoping it would pretty much be plug and play, but I ran into a small hang up. The Ocean Revive mounting studs on the fixture are slightly larger than the space provided on the 24" mounting bracket. 



To fix the issue, I centered the lights in the Aquaticlife fixture and marked where the Ocean Revive mounting studs lined up on the mounting bracket. I don't have a drill press, so I used some C-clamps and a block of wood and drilled out the bracket slightly, so the stud would fit. Making sure to wear all my personal protective gear of course!



I then used 10mm nuts to secure the Ocean Revives to the mounting bracket.



I mounted everything up and I have to say I am pretty happy so far. With everything assembled the unit is a little heavy (guesstimating ~35-45lbs), so make sure you have everything anchord well if you are suspending it from the ceiling. 




I am currently running:

1. Ati Aquablue special

2. Giesemann Actinic blue

3. Giesemann  Super Purple

4. Ati Blue Plus


I hope to get the club par meter within the next few weeks and get some par readings. I really wanted to eliminate some of the shadowing I was getting in the front of my tank and under my overhangs. So far it looks to be doing the job! 

Anyone have any suggestions on breaking in bulbs/ acclimating coral to t5?


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On 7/16/2018 at 7:58 AM, crimsonvice said:

That's what I am hoping. I need more coral growth! 

I know it’s only been a weekish. But anything opening up better? Looking any different? 

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4 hours ago, Joe said:

I know it’s only been a weekish. But anything opening up better? Looking any different? 

I haven't noticed anything super crazy. When I turned them on, I did notice some spots on coral that were pale. Now those sections are no longer shadowed and are coloring up slightly. Nothing overly crazy at this point. 

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2 hours ago, crimsonvice said:

Led blue 90% 9-10

Led white 75% 930-730

T5 noon-630



Wow, that is a ton more than I have been running.  I have been considering inching up really slowly, I think you may have pushed me over the edge!

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