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  1. Today
  2. Do you ever purchase pods?
  3. So well labeled this time!
  4. Got the shivers my fish friends!
  5. It's about a year old. I was hoping to get somewhere around $550 for it with the magnetic probe rack.
  6. Hey everyone! As many of you know I decided to keep my tank. So I bought an awesome “thing” for my tank. I sold my ATV and used a little of the money to get a new MP40. Mobius ready. I am installing it in a few minutes!
  7. This tank is just beautiful in person ya’ll
  8. Ok. That seems easy enough. I wanted to do this in my fishroom but the tempt is pretty cool down there. Maybe I will just set it up in the kitchen and hope my husband isn’t too irritated by the fish stuff spreading again.
  9. That is phenominal.
  10. I think a lot of guys have moved to Facebook just because you get answers in seconds instead of hours or days. I still enjoy the forums, but if I need an answer for something right away, I go to Facebook groups. I think the suggestion above, to start a Facebook group, is a great idea. Most people who have Facebook, are on there 10x more than they are in forums.... it’s just the way it is anymore.
  11. Nothing extra. I only have tiny pods anyway. So I can’t see them very well.
  12. Yesterday
  13. I assume your using tank water correct?
  14. Yea those are great ideas! I always thought that it would be cool to do a completely open picture contest. Like take the coolest picture and post it
  15. Lol must still be a term used in Europe!
  16. One of these months I think it would be cool to see what kind of pics we can get at lights out with a flash
  17. Turn the sock inside out and swish in a bucket of water here
  18. You can keep the display and sell the rest? Or keep for backup?
  19. How old is it and how much? I haven’t bought anything yet.
  20. Last week
  21. Just wanna see what everyone does to salvage some there copepods during changes and filter replacements. Personally when I change my filter sock, I always get a empty 5 gallon bucket. Turn the sock upside down and smack it against inside the bucket. Than I get cups of water from the tank and pour them down the side of the bucket. Use a flashlight and boom there is copepods still alive from where the filter caught them and they couldn’t pass thru. I am always shocked to see the amount of pods I’m able to save doing this method. What’s yours?
  22. Hey all. Moving out of state soon and need to get this process going. Everything in this list has been in an established tank for around a year. The Goby injured his dorsal fin at least 4 months ago and has been doing fine ever since. Discounts for multiple items. Priced to move, but send offers! I need this stuff out of here so I can get new floors in before we list our house. I'll be listing equipment after the livestock is gone. Sorry. The fish apparently don't like their pictures taken and decided to go hide. Must be picked up in Wadsworth, OH 44281. Here's the list: Mai Tai clowns (must go together - they are like an old married couple) 40 Purple Firefish 20 Yellow Watchman Goby (There is a pistol shrimp too, but they never found each other) 15 Skunk Cleaner Shrimp 20 Florida Conch 10 Orchid Dottyback 35 Candy Cane Pistol Shrimp (This might need to go last since he hides under the biggest piece of live rock) 20 Misc Zoas (not the big colony - I counted 30+ polyps) Rastas, Blue-eyed blonde, various others IDK 75 GSP 10 Aussie Hammer (with babies on the way) 80 Neon Hammer (a few good sized heads) 50 Scrambled Eggs Zoas Colony (small fist sized - not sure how many polyps) 100 Inverts (Trochus snails, Hermit Crabs) Live Rock (50-60 lbs?) 150 Mushroom Rock 75
  23. I want the display!! They no longer make it and when the mega sets containing them are gone that’s it. I’ve been searching for awhile for one. I should have just bought the mega.
  24. @Joe I'm getting ready to start breaking down my system. I'll be selling an Apex system as soon as I find a new home for the livestock. Let me know if you end up going that route!
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