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  2. Lol I was just in Toledo today! I’m actually west of Lima in Van Wert. I would be willing to travel 30 minutes to help. I could meet in bluffton if you bought a couple pieces.
  3. North or south of Lima? I’m in maumee
  4. I found one. Please close
  5. Sevitz5

    AI Prime

    Looking for a prime
  6. Yesterday
  7. I have 2 frags (1”-2”) of RR Aussie Gold $25 ea and 3 frags (1”-1.25”) of RR The Vihn. $35 ea. Sorry for crappy pics.
  8. Travis

    50-100g tote

    Where are you located? And the smaller of the two tubs is 100gallons right? That would actually be perfect.
  9. Hey travis, i have posession of the 2 rubbermaids that jesse lets the club use.
  10. I'm changing tanks and need somewhere to keep my fish and corals during the move. If you have one for sale or that I can borrow please let me know!
  11. SaltyMo

    Hologram Hammer

    Curious if you have an updated pic of the hologram @ErickS ? How's it growing for you? I just picked one of these up from TSA on their live sale this weekend!
  12. First off this forum is dead Ibhate it! Anyways bought a new Apex El today from Salty Critter. FYI they were running 20% off all livestock and 10% off apex. Bought some fish and a gorgonian. Love the apex so far but what a lot to learn. Hate the factory plug presets. It shut off my heater and my gyre for whatever reason. Luckily I caught it before bed.
  13. I got suckered into that this weekend also haha
  14. Depending on work I may be after 4pm. I’ll be doing some more fragging this week so I’ll have more available soon
  15. Yes it does! On another note I caved in to the wife. We put up the Christmas decorations.
  16. Last week
  17. hi all here is some more pics of the tanks I am selling the first one is 150Gal I want $100 for it stand needs some love and the tank just needs cleaning with warm water to get the salt out the second tank is still running with a few fish in it couple Sargent majors in it and a couple angels nothing fancy coral beauty and half and half a scopas tang maybe one or 2 more fish and a lot of rock that has been in that tank for over 5 years it has ben torn down and moved in that time. and reassembled so the rock has been moved around in that tank a few times $150 for the tank and stand $200 fo
  18. Need to come checkout this petco since ours in Toledo closed it’s saltwater
  19. Tank looks beautiful. Your tank seems to love zoas !!
  20. Are you available next weekend at all? I'm a couple hours from you, but would potentially take a lot off your hands. Need to actually start stocking this tank that I set up forever ago....
  21. New Corals and a New Discount! Check them out! Due to the Holiday Monday is the only day we are shipping livestock next week.
  22. Tank Series - Setting a Schedule for the Radion XR15 G5 - Mobius Thanks for stopping by! We're looking at the mobius app again, but this time in regards to the XR15 G5 Radion we have over the tank! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!! Ecotech Radion G5 XR15 Pro: http://pafish.me/G5XR15PRO Ecotech Radion G5 XR15 Blue: http://pafish.me/G5XR15BLUE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ad7WEB_jCik
  23. I’m kicking around the idea of setting up a smaller all in one tank. I’m looking in the 15 gal - 30 gal range. What do you have?
  24. I have this brand new unopened backup with surge protection. I won this in a raffle, but have a generator, so really don’t need. Box is unopened. I was told it will run a mp40 for an hour, or a return pump for 45 minutes, or any other equipment you want to run for awhile. It has 7 outlets $50
  25. In the market for a frag tank, anything out there?
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