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  2. Joe


    Looking for something unique. Anyone have anything? Any leads on something g amazing would be welcome too.
  3. This is the response I received. We restock chaeto every Friday between 2-3pm MST, just be sure to try and check it around that time as it does tend to sell out fast.
  4. Thats definitely way further than I go. I tend to worry about the obligates that can wipe out a whole bunch of stuff. Zoa eaters, acro eaters, etc. That stuff is entirely unlikely to be on a something other than what it eats.
  5. Joe

    Clam Introduction?

    I have had coral in qt for 3 months now and just found a tiny aptasia last Sunday. Nothing introduced since. So those things can hide for a long time. And I cut everything off the plugs. Removed any glue remaining on the frag itself. And dipped for 30 minutes. I have a feeling I’m just spinning my wheels trying to keep the bad out.
  6. Wow. $2k? Love labs. Sorry have no info. But hope you find the one you are looking for.
  7. I'd probably start with QT, worry about treating if and when something pops up. IDK. Interesting question.
  8. Talked to the family and were looking at adding another member. We have an 8 year old german shepherd and looking for a lab or retriever puppy. Looks like they are harder to find right now or people want top dollar ($2000+) anyone know of any puppies available? Dont need papers and willing to travel.
  9. I will try the same good suggestion.
  10. Last week
  11. I have not. I’ll do that before I try to do anything myself.
  12. Clown fish are gone. Thread can be closed. Thank you.
  13. Have you tried emailing to see if they have an eta of when they may restock the site? I ordered a refugium pack from them a month a go and emailed them some questions and they were very quick to respond. Might be worth a try
  14. I have some caluerpa Growing out if anyone wants some. I might be able to spare some chaeto. My light I put on it, is making it bloom dramatically
  15. I’ll keep you posted. I’ve been waiting for almost 2 weeks now for Algae Barn to have some in stock. So I’m starting to loose hope.
  16. BRS did an analysis of the Reef Brite XHO lights that was really interesting. They did a direct comparison to T5 lighting. It would be worth a watch if you have not purchased new lights yet.
  17. I'm in the same boat right now. I hope I can snag some from algae barn though. I would be interested in how your QT goes if you end up going through it.
  18. The apex el will fit my needs, nothing on the standard apex Id really need
  19. I understand that. I will be switching to Apex this winter. Looking last night at some of the prices and packages and wow. I’ll have to start small and add to it as I go.
  20. Joe

    What Lighting?

    Good to hear. I’ve never heard a bad thing about them. Keep us posted.
  21. Good so far, everything seems to like it. They are coming out with an app soon so will be even better
  22. Id like one but not in the budget currently
  23. Joe

    Wishy washed 120

    Looks a little different from day one.
  24. Sorry for leaving y'all hanging! For some reasons my notifications were going to spam. Tank actually cycled a few weeks ago, but I haven't had a chance to add anything, so everything looks the same. I'll have to say, the tank did cycle way faster than my last one did. I should be able to make some time to start adding inhabitants this weekend though. Still not 100% what kind of fish we'll want.
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