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  2. New Anemones! I listed up a ton of anemones! Check them out! SaltCritters
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  4. I appreciate the offer but I don't get that way.
  5. If you make it to toledo I have some zoas I can trade for your zoas! My number is 4197055706 if your interested just shoot me a message I have mint green zoas and Radioactive dragon eyes that are green.
  6. New Frags! I listed up some Acans and others! Special offer on the site! Check them out! SaltCritters
  7. Zoa colonies have about 50 polyps or more. I have several smaller colonies not pictured. Green and red monti mounted to a piece of rock. There is a small RBTA attached that can go with it or be removed easily. Also a small individual RBTA. Looking for SPS or neon green zoas. Might consider something else. Just looking to change things up and this monte is getting to big for my tank. I am also looking for small fish for a 30 gallon tank. I live in New Carlisle right outside Dayton. Sorry for the blued out pictures.
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  9. Sweet How has everyone been?
  10. I believe an update I did to the forum software broke it. Hopefully it’s fixed now.
  11. Was the forum down for a while? Couldn’t type any replies.
  12. Aquacultured yellow tangs in stock at BG Petco now! Don't miss out. Lots of beautiful fish in this week. Something for every tank. Come check out our selection!
  13. New Anemones! I listed up some more anemones! Check them out! SaltCritters
  14. New Anemones And New Frags! Shop Now
  15. Sorry for the slow response. my spam folder was getting all these notifications. I am selling this because I have no coral and have no plans to get corals again for a while. My fish are just way to big and dirty the tank to allow corals to grow. There is a Facebook group that helps each other with any issues that may come up and Bill is there as well. the setup is easy and he has a video out on how to do it.
  16. Bill told me he will ship within a week of payment. He fired all of his employees 2 weeks ago because quality was suffering. He is back to building EVERYTHING by himself so he knows it’s done right.
  17. What is the lead time on these now? At one time it was months. corey
  18. New Frags! Shop New Frags
  19. Throw a Nemo, Dory, and a Seahorse in there and your golden! LOL I think the same thing when I go and visit aquariums like Newport. Most of the Reef displays are just plain ugly. The beginner reef keeper can have a more beautiful reef tank than what I see in the large aquariums. People pay $40+ a head to get in and see a green mushroom covered rock and two clown fish swimming around a nem. I guess they are more there to see the sharks and rays, but still the public education on living reefs is just not there.
  20. I am planning to upgrade my lights to the new GEN 5’s. I have three Radion Gen 4 pros that have been in use for three years available. $425 each or $1200 for all three.
  21. I think it’s hideous. The people that make that kind of stuff have no clue what is even in the picture. Take a random picture, cut/paste some shapes in it ta-da art…
  22. I purchased an 8” ACR from him 2 nights ago. He actually talked with me through Facebook messenger for over an hour….sold me on it when the owner does that
  23. This is Bill Wann’s company, he is very well known and makes premium equipment. He used to be active on Reef2Reef (then again so did I lol). I would also try inquiring on his web site. https://www.aquariumeng.com/contact
  24. I suppose even aptasia are pretty to some people lol.
  25. Multiple shipments in just in time for the weekend. Stop in and check them out! Butterflies Angels Tangs Sand sifting gobies Clowns Lions Fighting Conch Wrasses Rabbits and Foxface Pistol shrimp Bright red Scooter Blenny A/c mandarins too! Anemones of all types
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