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  2. I’m looking for a smaller overflow box. I prefer one that goes through the glass, not hang on. I need it for a frag tank. What ya got?
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  4. Few things for sale I’m not using anymore . Cant trade for corals just yet tunze wavebox 6208. $200. Purchased may last year Sk- 5000 Rollermat $175 Pickup in Lima or ship on your dime
  5. Got a few tangs i thought were worth posting. New coral frags and sandsifter gobies in too!
  6. Fixed it for you. Not sure if you meant to have two home wreckers or not?
  7. Bubble King double cone 200 on my 240 gallon tank. corey
  8. Last week
  9. Sorry, I have NO CLUE how I ended up with those links in the description
  10. Ok guys, I have a few to clean off my racks. 10% discount if buying 2 or more. Sorry for crappy pictures. All frags are 3/4”+ most are a lot larger. 1. Big R Walt Disney (chunky) $150 2. PC Superman $50 3. RR Orange Passion $90 JF Sunset Monti $30 JF Jack O Lantern $45 WWC Pink Panther $90 JF Home Wrecker $150 JF Home Wrecker $150 JF Steel Blue Staghorn $50 Nicks Purple Passion $40
  11. New arrivals! Discover the latest additions to our store. Brain Coral F69
  12. Light is about 4 yrs old. In like new shape. Used for about 3 yrs at 50%. Hung open over a frag tank about 20" high. So never got hot or and salt on on it. Looks excellent!! And all leds work fine. Has light, adjustable hanging kit, power supply and remote. So everything you need. Has six channels of color. Multiple modes that you can adjust setting for as well as a full custom one for each channel level every hour for ramping effects. $325 pick up. North west Ohio
  13. I know... Prices are out of this world for small ones
  14. Absolutely. Message me and we'll get you set up
  15. @Dr.Fraggenstien any frags laying around that need a new home?
  16. Aaaaaannnnnnndddddd tttttthhhhheeeeeennnnnnnnn
  17. looking awesome @Mussin. Still missing those big brains.
  18. A must have for me would be zombie snails
  19. Damselfish are one of the largest families of marine fish with over 400 described species and counting. Due to their global distribution, wide range of forms and impressive diversity, saying that understanding and characterizing their taxonomy is nothing short of an understatement. A massive paper just published by Tang et. al. has just attempted to make some sense of some of the bloated genera which have been a catch-all for a huge number of damselfish species, especially the Chromis. This new publication is a very dense and deep dive into the nuts and bolts of ichthyology and we might
  20. Maxspect Gyre Pro XFP 1400 is the Biggest Gyre to Date The Maxspect Gyre Pro XFP 1400 is a brand new water mover for the very largest of tanks with enough power to drive a small boat. With a maximum power draw of four hundred watts, the flow rate of the Maxspect Gyre Pro XFP 1400 is so voluminous that it is no longer measured in gallons per hour, but in tons per hour. In the case of Maxspect’s new professional size gyre pump, the Gyre Pro XFP1400 has a maximum flow rate of 100 tons per hour which equates to 24,000 gallons pushed every sixty minutes. This prodigious amount of w
  21. Unomia is a brand new genus of Xeniid soft corals that has been created to classify one of the most common of all aquarium soft corals, Xenia elongata. The entire group of Xeniid soft corals that includes Xenia, Cespitularia, Efflatournaria and others have been really hard to pin down to the genus level and just when the hobby starts to makes sense of them, soft coral taxonomists go ahead and introduce entirely new genera such as Ovabunda, Conglomeratusclera and Caementabunda. The taxonomy of these very delicate tissued soft corals is very challenging but the newly minted Unomia for one
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