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  2. I’d be leary without more info too
  3. Ha. exactly. One person who says “corals still grew” doesn’t fill me with confidence
  4. Found this thread lol https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/frp-in-aquarium-plastic.603821/
  5. Today
  6. I used the white nrp board as wainscoting in my basement it’s paintable and is what they use in car washes and commercial bathroom type places. It’s mold and mildew proof so I’m not sure if it has some sort of inhibitors in the mix. That’s basically the same stuff only in black so I would be Leary to put in the tank. I was thinking of using it as the background of my tank. But outside of it attached to the back. That way if I get rid of the tank it’s clear on both sides still.
  7. ignore the algae on some of the plugs. I clean them and added hermits who made quick work of it.
  8. ErickS

    My 180 build

    Looking forward to it growing out . Just have decide where it’s final spot in my tank is going be
  9. We might have see what we can work out on a trade lol
  10. Pretty cool piece!
  11. Not awesome ones but here’s one with a flash and one without. I have a couple frags of this healing.
  12. Never seen one that small!
  13. Looks great. Wonder where I could get one like that?
  14. Nice video. I always struggle to keep my pH up.
  15. Everyone doesn’t have Facebook. As @rjchiles suggested livestream would be the best third party option.
  16. Doesn’t look like much of an update but the stand is all secured now....... and i got a little new friend from the store. He is just starting to open up. Oh. and they started the tank!!!! Anyone use “Reinforced Fiberglass plastic “ as a bottom in lieu of starboard? It is black and textures and made for bathrooms etc. I would love to put this as the bottom but can’t find a definitive answer via the internet
  17. Petco in BG has the smallest Mandarin ever and it’s Aquacultured. This photo turned out pretty blurry but you can see how tiny this girl is compared to the zoas. I bet she isn’t 1/2” long.
  18. We are heading to Indian Lake for the evening. Will see if the twins allow us to stay over night or not. This will be their first time attempting to stay away from their elements.
  19. BusyBee

    Member Map

    I tried it. The auto sensor stuck me in Michigan. I can't seem to correct it.
  20. ErickS

    My 180 build

    Purple cabbage coral
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