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  2. My tank is out to get me I swear. For the past three or four months the water has been super cloudy/white. I have done regular 20% water changes every couple weeks. I even did a 100% change a month ago and the next day it looked the same. Ive changed all my filter media, no dice. I have 1 fish left. The other 3 fish have disappeared. I’m using tap water and api conditioner. My little 5g tank is the same setup but with no fish. It too will get a little cloudy but not nearly as bad as this one. I barely feed the poor fish so i know im not slamming it with nutrients. Matter of fact, since it has done this, i have not had to clean the glass of algea. It aint growin..
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  4. Hello everyone! If you are not aware, I am a distributor of GHL products. I am about to place an order for some supplies. If you have been eyeballing anything or would like to stock up on some items, feel free to let me know by PM. If we have enough interest, I can speak with them about some sort of group buy discounts. Just let me know! ~Brandon
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  7. I think they might be tunicates. I moved them to a spot where I can keep a closer eye on them, but they resemble this picture when undisturbed in the water.
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  9. Never seen anything like it, hope they aren’t a problem whatever they are!
  10. Another great shipment in today! So much to look at!
  11. Looks like eggs of some sort, but I don't know what? Thought they were algae,but upon closer inspection it looks like something is inside.
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  14. I’m west of Lima, but willing to ship or meet
  15. I'd be interested in an auto feeder if one is still available and you want to ship one.
  16. Do you have anything left? I may be interested in multiple things from your list.
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  18. Ive been slowly moving towards a different hobby and could possibly trade my 120g 4/2/2 RR tank stand rocks corals fish all of it $$$$$ for 2nd amendment items, currently looking for a reloading press I can get pictures if interested
  19. Dahhhhh and you are local!!! I appreciate that, but similarly I feel like all I do is cut back and toss pieces of Monti out due to shading. I would definitely entertain trading other SPS if you are. Be cool to take a couple tank tours. My last Columbus reef buddy took his tank down last year when his family grew.
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