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  3. Smoked chicken legs last Friday. Will smoke baby back ribs on Tuesday and pork loin next weekend.
  4. Finally added a PM1 and temp probe to my apex for my salt mixing station. Hooked up a doser to my 300 gal. system to dose vinegar.
  5. My lawn care guy is into mowing. He loves coming here once a week.
  6. That chaeto is so nicely manicured. It’s pretty.
  7. I’m thinking of doing a water change.
  8. She says I take picture of the shish. Lol. She also named our cleaner shrimp. It’s name is “shrimp in a shish tank”.
  9. Forgot to add, been wondering if its maybe my return pump and not pushing enough water. Its a sicce 2.0 so only 317 gph at max with the 5' it pumps up. Would more flow into the tank help?
  10. I have some stuff I’ll order this time around it there is a group buy.
  11. Ok so my drain to my sump has driven me crazy since I got this thing and have tried everything I could think of. Drain is a durso system, I know there will always be a little noise but its the amount of bubbles that are driving me crazy. Ive tried putting an air fitting in the hole on the durso but it either syphons or stays the same. Tried building a stockman and it was worse. Ive tried doing a reverse durso in the sump but the up pipe for the air had so many bubbles it acted like a skimmer and would bubble over. Anyone have anything for me to try besides a filter sock? I know I would forget to swap them out like you should.
  12. New rockscape! Still have a full biocube 32’s worth of rock to add from the snowflake’s current abode which will get a bleach and rinse before it goes into this tank eventually. Will probably make the right island a little higher and connect the two islands with an arch or low wall
  13. Water is in and the waiting game starts. Display and sump measured out about 82 gallons total so I added three 2oz bottles of One and Only. In about a month I plan to move the everything from the lagoon tank to it's new home.
  14. Consider trades ? I have a dual t5 HO fixture and also a curve Eshopps refugium led light plus cash is needed 407-929-3285
  15. adjustable width w/ built in timer , dual t5 bulb lighting fixture , new in the box $150 obo , willing to trade for fish or corals 407-929-3285
  16. lightly used , in the box curve refugium led light , will trade for fish or corals . $60 obo 407-929-3285
  17. It’s an acrylic 240, I couldn’t pass up the deal.
  18. I have had a few people asking, so I emailed them to see if we can work something out. I will update this thread and post a new with details if it does/or doesn't happen.
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