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    Full Tank Shot (FTS) Friday 2020-01-10

    I keep moving my rocks. I just can’t get them where I like them. But cycle is under way.
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    Merry Christmas All

    I hope everyone has an enjoyable holiday with safe travels!
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    Unusual colored Goni

    Salty critter recently fragged up these. Im not sure if they have any left. Probably the nicest I've ever seen in person. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    Sunday wind down video

    It’s been a while hope everyone has been doing well. Here is a video of my SPS tank. I can show other tanks if folks are interested. https://youtu.be/88sl1DdX2As
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    If they get that bad I’ll go HarleyBronco (miss that guy!) on their hind ends lol
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    Overflow question???

    Thanks for the suggestions. I cut the pipes so that when the pump is off, they are nearly under the surface of the water. With the pump on, they are a couple inches under water. No more gurgling. And a lot less splashing. I think I could dial it even more. But it cut the noise in at least half.
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    Wishy washed 120

    Today HN3 is at 1.5 I am going to skip dosing any ammonia today. NO2 is at 2ppm. So cycle is in full swing. I’ll just test daily until both are 0. Then after I think the cycle is over I’ll dose more ammonia chloride. If it still reads 0 after 24 hours. I should be good to go. Still expect it to take several weeks. Just wanted to jump start it. I do have an alternative sitting on the shelf if I run out of patience. Lol
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    Buckeye reef swap

    I'm new to the club. Where is the swap. I'm starting my tank soon. I may be ready for frags by then.
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    Wishy washed 120

    Alright. Things seem to be going well for now. Flowing good. ATO is hooked up. Salinity is spot on. Cleaned out the sump from all the mess that was going on. Dosed ammonia chloride today. Ammonia is reading 1.5ppm. Would like to see it higher. But will dose check it daily and try to keep it as close to 2ppm as possible. But the fish less cycle is under way.
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    Camera on tank?

    In case any of you had this end up in your spam filter there was a data breach at Wyze. Sounds like it was pretty benign but they do recommend resetting password and making sure two method authentication is activated https://mandrillapp.com/track/click/31017244/forums.wyzecam.com
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    90 Gallon Starfire SPS

    Thanks ! I haven’t got around to glue any of my frag rocks onto my actual rock so I look some up close shots. tank levels: nitrate- 10 nitrite- 0.1 ammonia- 0 alk- 8.53 ca- 477 mg- 1301 p04- 0.18 ph- 8.06
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    The last picture of the year!! 2019 what a ride. Newly set up 29 biocube with snowflake eel.
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    Jon Fishman

    Learning as I go......

    Pretty easy to care for. Big enclosure, and food. Heater hidden in the rocks. Heat lamp. Land/water area. Yes.... I fully intend on losing a finger.....
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    Not connecting

    Just don’t put any complaints or customer service issues on the forum. They will snap back and tell you to call service. A lot can be found there just have to look a little sometimes.
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    Red Stop Light Cardinalfish

    Great way to get a good evaluation. Kind of like a food critic becoming well known and next thing you know they get a different experience than the rest of us!
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    Red Stop Light Cardinalfish

    Not first hand just reading what people online have to say. Anxious for your review!
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    Red Stop Light Cardinalfish

    Dr Reef will take good care of you! Keep us posted!
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    euphylin me

    Full Tank Shot Friday (FTS) 01/17/2020

    woahh woahhh......its not friday......nice tank though! lol
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    My first Waterbox!

    Thanks guys! @Joe I was just going to get a used tank till I found these! They seem pricy but I talked my wife into them haha. I showed her the dimensions of it in the location it will be in and she said she likes the thought of the bigger one haha I wasn’t going to argue with her. Happy wife happy life right
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    Wishy washed 120

    Looks good Joe!
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    Bristletooth Tomini Tang

    This was my first tang purchase. Tom is still kicking it with me. He was the king of the 60, and the low guy on the totem poll in the 120. My yellow tang seems to be the boss out of my four (Tomini, Fowleri, Dussumieri, Yellow).
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    They were so friendly i got to see how they make algae scrubbers, algae reactors, 3d Printed Reef items like random flow generators and SelfMixing Dosing Containers
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    Overflow question???

    Try cutting it at an angle. What do your pipes look like in your overflow. Are they angle cut?
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    Jon Fishman

    Learning as I go......

    Got him!
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    I was nervous but all critters survived and are going about. I ordered a cleaner pack of various snails (about 20 little guys and 3 big ones) a pepermint shrimp and an emerald crab. All are well and active after simply floating them for 15. They tell you NOT to drip acclimate.
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    Vendor Suggestions

    Humblefish has a service where you can drop ship to him and he does a full medicated QT and then ships to you. This allows you to look anywhere! On his forum he has a couple other companies doing the same thing.
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    Vendor Suggestions

    Probably looking for something brick and mortar, but I believe Liva Aquaria diver's den fish are qt'd.
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    Looking for a all in one tank

    Ill PM you
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    Bear's IM 10

    That is special!
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    EcoTech Pumps

    I use my 4 thru the WXM. corey
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    Humu Humu trigger fish

    I don’t know how often you get to ft Wayne, but Summit City Corals and Coral Reef Aquariums will take him on consignment
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    Petco is In Stock!

    I think if there where at least 2 more it would have qualified as a meeting. My chromis are out schooling and have already eaten so
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    Jon Fishman

    Learning as I go......

    Ok. both were removed last night. I will be siliconing a piece of glass to cover the holes. I will try to cut one of the pieces myself, I have a lot if extra glass now. I didn’t remove the bottom braces and the seems all look good. My project today is researching how to cut glass, deciding on what sump to rig up, and cleaning up the inside of the tank
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    I bought a new little compact laptop to use for just the tank and nothing else. That was about 30 minutes of my ordeal to be honest. The new (edge) browser is not happy with the downloading and security kept kicking everything out. When I finally got that working I was having driver/connection issues with the usb cable. I’m thinking a lot of my struggle is with Windows 10. I can connect with ghl connect but that’s as far as I’ve made it. I’ll dig into it after work again. Maybe with a fresh mind it won’t be as hard. I may have to take my other laptop down and try it because it has an older windows/Firefox on it.
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    Wishy washed 120

    I must have gotten lucky wouldn’t trade my m1 for anything else lol
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    Jon Fishman

    Learning as I go......

    Knowing me, I will try to make it look good with rocks, driftwood etc. I have to look at it everyday! I’m not sure how the overflows are sealed in. I will have to look and get pictures when I get it inside and cleaned up. Has a full glass top too. Pretty pumped for it to be up and running
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    Hello all

    Welcome! You have a great looking tank. I like your rock work. As mentioned before there are many options to go with. Research is key and never be afraid to ask questions!
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    My 180 build

    Nothing like it in the world. Congratulations!
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    Questions on return lines.?.?.

    I think if equaling out the flow is important to you a valve or some other restriction will be necessary, that said I can't think of why it would be important as I doubt any "dead spots" we're going to be present if you have proper circulation from powerheads. I've tried to get fancy on my returns a few times now splitting them and such, but teach time I have to make a change on a tank I have just been closing it down to a single point coming back in the tank.
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    Camera on tank?

    Looks like he stuck the metal ring that comes with it and used that to stick it to a gyre magnet.
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    Camera on tank?

    There are millions out there. I have 5 myself. Here’s the newest one I got for the tank. I think I’m going to mount it to the side of the tank like a Powerhead.
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    Full Tank Shot Friday (FTS) 12/20/2019

    My 150 sprung a leak. Everything is in a hold tank until I figure out my next tank. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    Email from GHL P4

    Still working on my cabinet.lol but once I’m happy with the wire covering assembly then I’ll put the p4 in and hook it up. Thanks for the explanation Brandon.
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    euphylin me

    Ive been MIA!

    Sorry guys! I haven't been around too much. Life has been getting crazy. My nano has been getting some hair algae and i lost a coral or two because of it. For those who care, I got asked to become a travel soccer coach, so I had to take a course out in Cleveland (im in maumee). Im also planning my wedding (dont do it, its a trap!). In all honesty, I've been a little stagnant with my tank and i think that has caused me to put it on the back burner. When you stop buying things for your tank it gets easy to set it aside (for me anyways). I'm going to put more effort forth and dive back in!
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    Buckeye reef swap

    We got word on the venue. It will be basically across the street from the previous venue. The date will be 3-21-20 as of right now. Friday night set up Saturday expo.
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    Spanky's "I like em big n wide" build

    sorry was holding the phone upright when I did the vid. but this works much better than pics do for this tank I think.
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    Wishy washed 120

    Been in bed most of the week. This flu is kicking my butt. Just got up some energy to test the ammonia. It’s @ .15ppm. I’ll check it again tomorrow and test nitrites as well. I did cheat a little. But can’t see the cycle being close to being over yet.
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