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    Here’s the 90 this morning
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    BuckeyeReef members have been invited to take a behind the scenes tour of the aquarium at the Toledo Zoo. We did this a few years ago and it was pretty cool to see how such a big system works. On top of seeing the aquarium you get to see the best Zoo in the country (this might be simply an opinion of mine). This will give you the chance to put faces/voices with screen names. Give suggestions, wants, wishes for the club. If you have frags to sell/trade this would be a good time to set that up. Please take lots of pictures to share on the forum. When? 6/9/2019 @ 1:00pm Where? Toledo Zoo 2 Hippo Way Toledo, OH 43609-4100 Show your military ID at the admission gate and receive free admission.
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    Who wants a Trident?

    Salifert alk kit - $16
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    For those of you that don’t know what FTS Friday is. This is a weekly thread meant for everyone to share a “Full Tank Shot” of your aquarium.  Don’t be shy. We love to see photos of everyone’s tank or tanks. 
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    The 90 today. Zoas are still quite angry over h2o2 dip Wednesday night!
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    Full Tank Shot Friday (FTS) 05/10/2019

    Here’s mine.
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    That moment you start to wonder what is outside of your safe little living bubble.
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    Fancy myself a LCC (local coral collector)
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    Hey All! R2R Sent Me Here.

    Heya folks! New guy here. New to OH as well, living just west of Akron in a town called Wadsworth. I'm just putting together a tank after being out of the hobby for 12 or so years. I picked up a Red Sea Reefer 250 and am now in the research/obsess about gear phase. Looking forward to meeting and getting to know you all. See you around!
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    Full Tank Shot Friday (FTS) 05/03/2019

    For those of you that don’t know what FTS Friday is. This is a weekly thread meant for everyone to share a “Full Tank Shot” of your aquarium.  Don’t be shy. We love to see photos of everyone’s tank or tanks.
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    Yep. My photography skills still stink..... but that’s a tang........
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    10,000 coral pics, one fish... :/
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    What's everyone do for a living?

    I build these
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    May the Aiptasia cower before their onslaught [emoji3518] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Jake's Reefer 250

    I bought a pile of gear. Unfortunately, I didn't know about the kickbacks from Marine Depot to Buckeye Reef when I placed my orders. I'll definitely use the link from now on though! I picked up 3 Noopsyche K7 Pro II LED fixtures off of R2R. I had just read a well-written and thorough review on R2R about them when they popped up. Just so happens it was @crimsonvice who wrote it! Thanks for being so thorough! I was lucky enough to snag them for $325 shipped. I bought the arms for them from The Coral Reef TN for $36/pc. https://www.ebay.com/usr/thecoralreeftn. Other gear: - Reef Octopus Varios 6 (probably too much pump, but I'm making a manifold) - Reef Octopus Classic 150-INT - (2x) VorTech MP10 - Marine Depot KleanWater 4-Stage Economy RO/DI System - 100 GPD - HMO 200 Watt Titanium Heater with Digital Controller - Finnex - Tunze Osmolator Universal 3155 ATO - AquaMaxx Fluidized GFO and Carbon Filter Media Reactor - XS - Titanium Ground Probe I bought a Seneye that I'll probably return. I told myself I didn't need an Apex, but then I talked myself into it. So I'll probably send the Seneye back. So now I have: - Seneye Reef Monitor - API Saltwater Liquid Master Test Kit - API Reef Master Test Kit - Neptune Systems APEX Wi-Fi Controller System - Neptune Systems Magnetic Probe Rack (MPR) - Neptune Systems DOS (for auto water change)
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    For sure! I'm thinking we get with them and schedule a group meet or something. Maybe in a month or two, to give them some time to settle in.
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    Frags for Sale!

    Cincinnati Coral and Aquarium opened today. Cool place!
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    For those of you that don’t know what FTS Friday is. This is a weekly thread meant for everyone to share a “Full Tank Shot” of your aquarium.   Don’t be shy. We love to see photos of everyone’s tank or tanks. 
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    Trident coming soon

    May have to upgrade to a Louise.....my tank cost me an upgraded engagement ring.
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    Full Tank Shot Friday (FTS) 05/17/2019

    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Couple SPS

    I have a nice WWC Christmas Mirabillis and what I was told is a Mt Dew Acro. Miribillis $55 Mt Dew $25
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    My next aquarium will be...

    100 gal acrylic seahorse heaven. deep sand bed in half so I can get diggers!! and then we can all have little seahorses with sinularia!!!!!! lol
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    My 180 upgrade

    This is an indication of good planning and thinking ahead, love it!
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    A Guide to Common Hitchhikers.

    Aiptasia Bad hitchhiker. This is a type of anemone that multiplies very quickly, and stings and kills anything that gets near it. Depended on how many you have, they're best removed by manually scraping them off the rock, and then using epoxy/superglue/kalk paste over where they were to prevent them coming back. A few predators that you can get for them include the peppermint shrimp, berghia nudibranch, and with a large enough tank, copperband butterflyfish. Asterina Starfish Another common neutral hitchhiker. Jury is out on these guys as to good or bad. Some people love them, some hate them. They've been rumored to munch on coralline algae. They are also known to multiply very rapidly. Manual removal when seen is best to control their numbers. Ball Anemone Common neutral hitchhiker. They are found in shaded areas of live rock, and tend to not bother anything and numbers are kept in check with nutrient control. Are removed by the same means as the aiptasia and majano. Bobbit Worm Very bad hitchhiker. These guys can grow to be very large and can kill fish. Most common means of removal is to remove the entire rock where the worm is housed. Be careful of the pincer teeth at the head of the worm. Bristleworm Very common good hitchhiker. The jury is out on whether they're beneficial or not. Most consider them a vital part of your clean up crew. The hide within your live rock, coming out to pick up scraps of food and other detritus. Their numbers can become overwhelming based off how much food is available in the tank. If you overfeed, and they have access to an abundance of food, their numbers will increase dramatically. Be careful not to touch as the bristles on the sides of their bodies can be very irritating and cause an allergic reaction in some. Brittle Starfish Good hitchhikers. Are most commonly found by the arms extending out from cracks and holes in rock work. Feed off leftover food and detritus in the tank. Chiton Good hitchhiker. Consumes algae. Does not appear to bother anything. Fireworm Bad hitchhiker. Similar to the bristle worm, however if stung by the bristles on this little guy, its 10 times worse. DO NOT TOUCH UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! If found it is best to remove with a trap. Gorilla Crab Bad hitchhiker. Can be found in live rock cracks, caves and holes. They are predatory and will hunt your shrimp and inverts. They can also grow rather large. Hydroids Bad hitchhikers. Good news is that they don't tend to live very long and die off on their own as the tank progresses. Limpet Good hitchhiker. Consumes algae. Don't seem to bother anything. Majano Bad Hitchhiker. This is another pest anemone that multiplies quickly and stings anything near it. Best removed by manual scraping off and super glue/epoxy/kalk past over its spot. Peppermint shrimp will reportedly consume them as well. Pods - Copepod/Isopod/Amphipod Very good hitchhikers. Often referred to as simply "pods" These little guys live within your rock work and make great food for your fish and corals. They can be the primary diet of certain mandarins. Peanut Worm Good hitchhiker. Lives in live rock and feeds off of extra food and detritus. Pineapple Sponges Very common good hitchhiker. These little guys are a type of sponge. They are most commonly found in overflows and in high flow areas of the sump. However, they can sometimes bee seen in shaded areas of your rockwork. Serpent Starfish Good hitchhikers. Are most commonly found by the arms extending out from cracks and holes in rock work. Feed off leftover food and detritus in the tank. Spaghetti Worm Good hitchhiker. Commonly found in the sand bed or live rock. They extend out multiple tentacles to catch floating detritus. Good member of your clean up crew. Spirorbid Worm Very common neutral hitchhiker. These guys are most commonly found in overflows, and high flow areas of your sump. Can multiply very quickly and have been rumored to disrupt equipment such as pumps. Nutrient control keeps their numbers in check. Sponges Good hitchhiker. Very common filter feeders. Found in shaded areas of live rock Stomatella Snail Very good hitchhiker. These guys are a great clean up crew member. They can be very elusive and most commonly found after lights out and are very fast moving. They feed off different algae in the tank. Tunicate Good hitchhiker. Harmless filter feeder. At first glance looks like a sponge, except it pulses as it takes in and expels water, and reacts to touching it. Vermedit Snail Very common neutral hitchhiker. They are generally harmless, but can multiply quickly based off nutrients in the tank, and can irritate corals. Manual removal or starving them out by putting a dab of superglue on the end of the tube is best to keep their numbers in check, as well as nutrient control.
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    honestly i think a good thread would be people who have frag tanks that sell and trade coral on a regular and their location
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    Good call. Any time we add fresh real estate to our systems, algae will be the first to colonize. This certainly plays into it, but I think there are other issues that cause one system to have algae over another. I've seen this with systems with no plastic - one tank grow algae, others don't. Same system, same water, same lights.
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    Here we go Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This is my favorite picture that I have taken of my buddy Fred. RIP
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    Jon Fishman

    Learning as I go......

    So much glare. You can see the reflection from the ceiling of the garage. It is amazing after one coat. I will see how it looks when it dries.... Then another coat and mostly get inside the bark on the edges more.
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    GHL Powerbar 6E-PAB

    That’s what she said. that thing looks like it’s the size of a 2’ shop light.
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    My 180 upgrade

    The tank is drilled and home, as well as a frag tank and manifold.
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    Best I could get.
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    notice the extra heater!
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    Depending on which rumor you want to go with its anywhere from days to weeks away...... Oh billy i need to get on of these locked down
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    Nope, yet to even take a picture. Will try to get some up tho. Going to be pretty sweet I think
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    Sanding..... and more sanding......
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    Hopefully get stand painted and caulked. And continue my quest for parts.
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    My sailfin and coral beauty.
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    Water volume vs Dimensions

    in 5 years when your tang outgrows your tank you can trade it or sell it for big bucks and start over.
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    Jerry's EVO XII Build

    Had a discussion with Joe from J.P. Success in Lancaster last week. I told him about my mistakes I have made and what my goals were and he advised me to come up on Friday. (Last friday). So I made a trip up there and man am I glad I did. I asked him if I could take pictures of the store and he totally agreed but i absolutely forgot because I got so wrapped up staring at things. It's just a mom and pop shop but the staff there are just super amazing. He hooked me up with a couple of clown fish that are bread for smaller tank sizes like mine. He also started me off with a couple of small frags of GSP and a double headed duncan. The GSP distributor was there when i got there so everything was directly from his coral guy. I had to wait on them to finish dipping them before I could get any. (Pretty cool in my opinion that they dip and float everything by the book). They gave me the option on the duncan to either take it on a frag plug or off. I chose on as to not take another risk right now. Their tanks are also pristine. I didn't know salt water could look so clear in a fishtank. The clown tanks look like straight up water with no refraction whatsoever. Just GLASS clear. Pretty neat. Anyways, here are a few pics of my new friends.
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    Got the rock back in today
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    No fancy shipping containers needed. Corals were double bagged in heat sealed bags, wrapped in bubble wrap and shipped with a heat pack in a styrofoam box. Excellent
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    Got a box from @crimsonvice earlier this week. Corals came in looking great and packaged like a pro. I won't be hesitating to send more business his way in the future. Thank you sir!
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    Powerhead suggestions?

    The vortech MPs are one of the pieces of equipment that I would not hesitate to buy used. I have a mp10 that’s run non stop on my 29 since early 2011. If you clean them occasionally they last a good long time.
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    The last time I bought rock before now was back a long time ago and it was actual live rock from the ocean. Lol. And it was all Fiji and Tonga premium. I could have bought a car for what I had in rock back then.
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    I think Neptune started feeling more high and mighty since RK and others went by the wayside. But more people every day are bailing on them because of issues and piss poor customer service. Then to hype something up for over 2 years and get people to buy upgrades for it and still not deliver soured a lot of people. Apparently no one ever told them the golden rule of customer service anything. C.S. Golden rule #1 For every good experience a customer has expect them to tell 3 people. For every bad experience a customer has expect them to tell 20 people.
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    Weekly Water Change

    Correct, only very large water changes will accomplish any major changes in water chemistry, but generally in reef aquaria we desire stability and are not trying to, and hopefully have no need for major changes. Water change done on routine is the key, and on many systems are only part of the nutrient export overall (used in conjunction with skimming, algae export, etc). There are certainly lots of ways to "skin this cat", but the Berlin method was groundbreaking once upon a time, and is tried and true. Imo, it's also the simplest and most natural way to run a reef as well.
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    Riddle me this......

    If chemical warfare don’t work. I’ll turn to biological warfare.
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    Few pictures

    A few quick pictures with the new coral view lens the wife bought me for my birthday.
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