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    June 2019 POTM Winner!

    Congratulations to @JeffInOhio for winning this month's contest with this awesome photo! Please congratulate @JeffInOhio for the win and a big thank you to sponsor @Premiumaq @JeffInOhio please PM me for your $25 gift certificate to Premium Aquatics!
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    euphylin me

    Nuvo fusion 10g

    Added this guy to the 10g....man this is a sweet nem! Thanks @Muttley000!
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    what's next?

    I'm going to try and make my own food! need cheese grater and off I go!!!!!!!!!
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    For those of you that don’t know what FTS Friday is. This is a weekly thread meant for everyone to share a “Full Tank Shot” of your aquarium. Don’t be shy. We love to see photos of everyone’s tank or tanks. 
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    Hello from Sullivan

    Hey all! Joined a few months ago but haven't been active. Figured I would give a quick intro. I have had fresh water tanks my entire adult life (58yrs) and became interested in salt water about 3 years ago. Current tanks running are a 150 gallon and a 180 gallon plumbed to a shared 125 gallon sump. Fish are a few tangs. Naso, purple, 2 yellow, convict, yellow eye kole, along with a Niger trigger, magnificent Foxface, spotted rabbit fish, mellanaris wrasse, bi-colored goat fish, harlequin tusk, maroon clown, pair of tomato clowns,and a zebra Moray. At least I think that's all. Corals are a few softies and lps and one long tentacle nem and too many bubble tip nems to count. The bedroom tank is a reefer 170 with a red nem a pair of clowns just added, two maxima clams and a Hippo tang growing out along with a few small lps. Nothing exotic but they keep me out of trouble. The fish are pets and greet me whenever I am near the tank. Sure they are begging for food, it works for fish as well as dogs. The pics are cell phone shots and probably don't show all the current stock. Anyway hello to all Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    A couple of new fish appeared in my tank yesterday! One decided to poke his head out.
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    Need to do a waterchange but this is 10g. Not much has changed in the 30g
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    Over 2 billion years and going strong!

    I guess that answers the age old question to what was introduced to the hobby first, @Muttley000 or cyano.
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    Little slice of heaven
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    The view from my spot on the couch.
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    better late than never!!!
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    What type of Paly is this?

    The difference is the newest name is a lot more expensive than the old name lol
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    Hello Buckeyes!

    Hello all! I'm not actually in Ohio, but have always lived pretty close by and have spent plenty of time across the state line. Also noticed a lot of presence in the Toledo and Cincy areas, which are both highly accessible for me. To be completely honest, found this place while looking for people selling rock and equipment fairly locally. Tanks: 650g FOwLR - mostly predator (with sharks!). Zetlight lighting, DIY skimmer, homebuilt sump w/refugium (not my work though), working on new aquascape with a lot more rock. 75g "grow up" tank for those guys that need to grow out of the shark food stage. Also has some mushroom corals. Octo HOB skimmer, Canister filter, LED and T5 lighting, soon to have HOB fuge growing feeding macro Loads of QT space, including a 35g that's tabbed as the "kids tank" for the nieces once my CUC moves out, plus 5 more tanks of varying size. Walking into our basement kinda feels like walking into a small fish store at this point. I'll plan on uploading some pics when I'm on a device that has them available (aka, not this computer) Background: I'm originally from SE Indiana and keep working my way north. Currently reside just outside Ann Arbor (Not a U of M fan, so no need to worry about that ). Engineer by trade and also into cars, photography, and 3d printing. Very into DIY as well, even made my own skimmer that mostly works (due to be replaced this weekend when my nice new-to-me skimmer arrives) Experience: Not a whole lot tbh. bought a house almost 3 years ago now, came with the monster tank already stocked. Prior to that, my aquarium experience was a 2.5g hex tank with a pair of goldfish won at a carnival when I was like 6. Talk about being thrown in the deep end. I've been steadily trying to improve the situation and remedy some less than great decisions made for the tank (like a 4' long DIY undergravel filter in the sump). Fortunately, I'm an engineer and an obsessive researcher so the tank seems to be coming along relatively quickly (note: nothing actually happens quickly with this much water). I'm also on R2R (often) and Michigan Reefers (pretty rarely). Places like this have worked wonders for me in learning how to properly setup and care for the amount of aquarium that was kinda dropped in my lap.
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    My little mans 75g new tank

    So i said in the past build my son had bought a 75g tank and i was going to set it up well it's done ... We have been working on ot for the past 2 weeks and we had a blast setting it up and getting new fish and let me tell you he could be a good supervisor one day he had me place the rocks in it and told me where to place his corals for the most part. And he picked out his own fish and i never met a youngin that was so much into this hobby he knows how all the equipment works and how the whole system is its own little ecosystem ... But here is some pictures of how it went and how it looks now
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    My 75g Hot-Tub

    Wastes a lot of water but if you have an apex run a coil of led in your sump and connect to cold water and a drain. Let the water run to cool tank down when apex alarms for temp.
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    Jake's Reefer 250

    A couple more fishies joined the fray yesterday! A pair of Bangai Cardinals acclimated just fine and promptly went to try to hide in the same corner as the clownfish. The clownfish both freaked out and went to hide. Then the cardinals went and found another spot to hide. They are starting to poke their heads out a little bit now. I had a Bangai in my old tank and it was one of my favorites. Happy to have a pair in here!
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    Hello from Sullivan

    The two plumbed together have a reef octo skimmer in the sump. I can't remember the model but it is not rated for the volume of water that the two combined equal. I also run an undersized bio pellet reactor. I have chaeto in the center chamber that is lit from above with a home depot grow light and 2 led grow lights from amazon on the sides so it is lit pretty much all the way around. I feed pretty heavily twice a day every day and have been able to keep nitrates below 10 for several months after them being over 40 for more than a year. I harvest the chaeto every 2 weeks or less so I think that combined with the bio pellets have been a big help there. Light is 3 Chinese black boxes over each with 3 over the 150 upgraded with SB reeflight boards. The reefer 170 has only been running since February with another reef octo skimmer and nothing else. I have marinepure bio cubes in the sump so I can keep the display uncluttered. Nitrates on that one have been just a trace since the begining so I recently removed the skimmer and used the chamber to start a fuge with chaeto and rock rubble in hopes of increasing the pod population to sustain a mandarin in the future. My wife likes them so if I can keep her interested it makes it much more fun for us both. Lighting on that is a single Ai hydra 26. I have been doing a 4 gallon water change weekly on the reefer to keep calcium up for the clams and 28 gallons bi-weekly on the other combo. I'm long winded when typing /talking but try to keep things fairly simple.
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    Website up and Running

    Hi Dustin! Nice store you have started there. The Buckeye reef account setup went smoothly for me. Couple quick comments though: 1. The corals all look sideways. seems like they should be rotated clockwise 90 degrees. Minor thing really. 2. The food only goes into the cart in 32 oz increments (8x 4oz and 4x 8oz). Also not clear on the format of the food (pellets, flakes, powder, etc.), though I see from a post on here that it's a frozen food (kinda important thing to know with online orders). I would be very interested in giving it a try, but not sure I'd want to commit to 2lbs right off the bat. Higher resolution pics or a text ingredient list would be great too. I'm a little far for frequent shopping, but pass through Cincy pretty often visiting family so I'll definitely be checking back in. One thing that would be helpful for people like me that are occasionally allergic to shipping when local pickup will do is some sort of typical pickup hours. I see you have hours listed on Facebook, but I would usually go to a store's website for that kind of information.
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    Just made a purchase using the link so hopefully it worked. No way to tell as the link took me right to MD where I was already logged in.
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    Jon Fishman

    what's next?

    My 8’ money-pit should be done SOON. 3-months next week!!!!
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    what's next?

    Hopefully at least 90g's
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    My 180 upgrade

    Return lines won’t care. The only possible detriment is the length of pipe adds to total head pressure, but if it lets you change 90s to 45s you probably gain overall
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    Lets see those Independence Day Full Tank Shots!
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    I know I've been trying to a lot of reading about these some say real some say fake so im still on the fence on this one.... Its like who wants to play the name game
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    Torch and pocci looking super healthy! Nice pic.
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    Almost all the white specs on the back chamber are feather duster looking things!!!!
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    Jake's Reefer 250

    Finally got a good one after coaxing them out of hiding with food! Meet Sprinkles and Neo. They seem to be doing great and eating well. Starting to become adventurous getting out of the cave every now and then.
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    For those of you that don’t know what FTS Friday is. This is a weekly thread meant for everyone to share a “Full Tank Shot” of your aquarium. Don’t be shy. We love to see photos of everyone’s tank or tanks. 
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    Missed Friday by a little bit, but here’s my 90
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    Scott C

    What type of Paly is this?

    Call them whatever you want - the color looks awesome on those "KMH Explosion Whatever" Palythoas!
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    euphylin me

    Nuvo fusion 10g

    Little update picture of the office tank! I will do an update on the home tank soon as well
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    What type of Paly is this?

    lol I was thinking armor of god. Pulled on 3 up on google, and they all look very similar.
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    What type of Paly is this?

    Tyree Armageddon 2. I have a large colony of them
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    Still cycling. Should hopefully be done in a couple more weeks
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    Viparspectra 165 w led

    Ive got a couple of these lights running. over my 300 ive got 6 lights, so theres a little overlap from the lights, but if it gives you an idea none of mine are turned up past 70% on blues and those ones are only that high so I can support sps and my clam lower in the tank. and the whites channel is at its highest 25-30. Dr. Fraggenstien is right, very easy to bleach, and it takes a couple months sometimes to see the effect of your changes. if a coral starts to darken or turn torwards a brown its not enough. and if it starts to pale it is either too much or changed too quickly
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    Trident coming soon

    B.C is only 2 digits. j/k @crimsonvice that’s is a bummer. Been there before myself.
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    35G upgraded to a 70g rimless!

    I've done this before and I left the pics up for two days took them down and they were in the anemone the next day.
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    Website up and Running

    Thanks they went in my cart this time.
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    Looks like my wholesale account also will connect with it. Ill have to see if it works.
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    A little late... Did a water change before heading to Seattle.
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    euphylin me

    60 gallon cube system

    if i may recommend, you will probably have more luck selling the livestock first. Most people want to put their own fish in a tank....plus you would make a little more money that way anyways
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    Jake's Reefer 250

    Finished painting the shelves and couldn't help but to move the tank into place. My wife is a trooper for helping me lift that thing so many times. Just need to put the last 2 coats on the cabinet doors then re-hang them.
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    Jake's Reefer 250

    I bought a pile of gear. Unfortunately, I didn't know about the kickbacks from Marine Depot to Buckeye Reef when I placed my orders. I'll definitely use the link from now on though! I picked up 3 Noopsyche K7 Pro II LED fixtures off of R2R. I had just read a well-written and thorough review on R2R about them when they popped up. Just so happens it was @crimsonvice who wrote it! Thanks for being so thorough! I was lucky enough to snag them for $325 shipped. I bought the arms for them from The Coral Reef TN for $36/pc. https://www.ebay.com/usr/thecoralreeftn. Other gear: - Reef Octopus Varios 6 (probably too much pump, but I'm making a manifold) - Reef Octopus Classic 150-INT - (2x) VorTech MP10 - Marine Depot KleanWater 4-Stage Economy RO/DI System - 100 GPD - HMO 200 Watt Titanium Heater with Digital Controller - Finnex - Tunze Osmolator Universal 3155 ATO - AquaMaxx Fluidized GFO and Carbon Filter Media Reactor - XS - Titanium Ground Probe I bought a Seneye that I'll probably return. I told myself I didn't need an Apex, but then I talked myself into it. So I'll probably send the Seneye back. So now I have: - Seneye Reef Monitor - API Saltwater Liquid Master Test Kit - API Reef Master Test Kit - Neptune Systems APEX Wi-Fi Controller System - Neptune Systems Magnetic Probe Rack (MPR) - Neptune Systems DOS (for auto water change)
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