Buckeye Reef 2020 Expo Postponed

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    Gonipora Lemon
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    Full Tank Shot Friday (FTS) 03/27/2020

    Tank is cooking now. Still a little slime algae but it’s not too bad. Corals are growing, fish are healthy. What more could I ask for?
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    Mike A


    Hey all. My name is Mike Anderson. I am a newbie. I have been studying and trying to learn about saltwater for about 4 months. I built my RODI water unit first and then got a couple quarantine tanks and a few fish. I recently purchased a used Red Sea 250 that I am close to getting wet. I am really enjoying everything about this hobby so far except for the aquascape. I am not artistic at all. Thankfully that part is done. I hope it looks ok. Looking forward to learning and exploring new fish and corals. Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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    Wishy washed 120

    In tank shots. Everything lived through the night and has eaten twice since I’ve gotten them. And the grands love em.
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    My Finally 60 Cube!

    Finally got a setup to get back into reefing. Had a 75 gallon years ago and sold it when we were going to sell the house. Ended up not moving and hated being tankless. Been searching for awhile and after many headaches, not such good deals, sellers who changed their mind, I finally found a setup I liked that fit right where I wanted. Ended up with a 60 gallon cube, tank had been running for a couple years. I ended up getting a lot more equipment then I thought. Moved it Sunday and what a pain that was! Took 2 hours to tear down and crammed my wife explorer full. Got home and wife cleaned the tank (thanks honey!) While I made the fish happy in their tote and got to work on the stand. The top had water damage so I built a new out out of 3/4" solid wood. Everything took longer then expected so ended the night with the tank 1/4 full enough for the live rock, added a powerhead and heater. Will finish it up tonight I hope. I have a bit of extra equipment I wont be using so hope to recoup some of my money. Today I got the tank about 75% filled, plumbing is done, hopefully tomorrow Ill fill it the rest of the way. All the rock and coral are in. As well as the fish and some snails and hermits. Ill admit since the rodi is going soo slow I did mix up about 15 gallons of saltwater with tap water hope it wont be too bad.
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    Found my garage again. Row 1 Row 2
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    Share a photo of your favorite coral

    Yep just picked up a bunch of stuff a few days ago and this was in it. I also got a few heads of black torch!
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    Lets see those nems

    Rainbow that is slowly coloring up.
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    Lets see those nems

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    Lets see those nems

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    Wish I had more corals in it haha
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    Waterbox Aquariums

    I bought a Waterbox 130.4 in the beginning of February 2020. So far they have been an absolute pleasure to work with. I had some issues with shipping with them and they fixed the issue immediately. Also for my troubles they sent me a free tshirt! Their aquarium is stunning and the build quality is on point. It shipped wrapped in cellophane and in a box then in a wooden crate. The cabinet is actual plywood with a thick what looks like acrylic coat around it. Has a ton of level legs to get it just right. All in all I 100% recommended them!!!
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    Got this guy today. Going into the QT tank for 3-6 weeks. Yellow belly regal
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    Before/After Corona

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    Shot this this morning with only light from the flash of my iPhone.
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    What did you do to your tank today?

    Built a header in my basement to support the weight of my 180. Then got side tracked a finished a large portion of the basement. Lol Next up, drop ceiling and flooring. Then sink, plumbing, run more electrical.... yea this 180 might be wet by summer.
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    Looking for help to get started

    Hi everyone my I am very excited to have my first ever salt water tank, I definitely want to research as much as I can before I buy anything and get started. What are so good books or websites I can use? Thank you everyone for you help.
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    my new tusk

    well my wife and I had one of these 1993-1995, and he really wanted to come home with me.
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    Salty Critter Impromptu Trip today

    My salty critter clam has settled in (it got the nice camera out today):
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    Day 3 without sports

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    got some great sticks from @j2b they are doing awesome! His tank looks great!
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    I hope this passes soon

    Technically if we change the name to the church of coral, and make it a religious gathering we become exempt from the ban
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    Would You Pick Either Tank?

    Started a build thread
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    Pick a color, any color. How about red, white and blue!
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    Getting somewhere finally
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Full Tank Shot Friday (FTS) 03/06/2020

    starting to move stuff around to make room for items from Expo!!
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    Guess who’s back, back again.

    After a brief hiatus of being busy with work and a couple side projects I decided during this quarantine crap that I needed a hobby at the house again. So, after much deliberation with the ol lady. I once again, have a tank. Only thing is, I figured if I’m gonna do it I need to go bigger than I ever have. So I present to you, Clint’s new predator tank!
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    Awesome! Glad to see you back! What’s the plan? oh and hurry up, cause I’m not getting any younger here lol
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    These are obviously very difficult times and many, many people are already feeling the pinch financially or will be impacted within the next few months. Reef keeping can be an expensive hobby and some may consider taking a sabbatical to save some bucks. With that said, here are my Top 5 Tips on how to save money with your reef tank during the COVID-19 crisis. Top 5 Tips 1. Consider DIY Projects – Equipment can be expensive so if you want to save a chunk of money go the Do It Yourself route. I did so recently when I made my own refugium. I also put together a DIY cooling solution with a cheap fan. 2. Make Your Own Fish Food – Some prepared fish food can be expensive and a great way to save money is to make your own. I am working on my own concoction using a food processor that contains scallops, raw shrimp, silversides, blood worms and other types of seafood. I am calling it ReefBum Chum 3. Create Your Own Two-Part – A well known homemade blend to supplement calcium and alkalinity is called Randy’s Recipe. Named after Randy Holmes-Farley, a chemist who has been keeping reef aquariums for years. The only materials required are calcium chloride (available in bulk as a deicer for pools, for cement making and even for weighing down tractor tires), baking soda (from a grocery store) and Epsom Salts (which are inexpensive and available at most drug stores). 4. Be More Energy Efficient – A great way to save money is to examine ways to reduce your reef tank’s energy consumption. DC pumps will use less electricity versus AC pumps. And I always believe simpler is better when it comes to a reef tank so consider using fewer pumps or other pieces of equipment when possible. It is also a great idea to do an overall electrical audit of your tank to see if there are other ways to save money. Marine Depot has an Aquarium Electricity Costs Calculator that is an excellent tool you can use for this purpose. 5. Keep up With Preventative Maintenance – This is extremely important because you want to avoid equipment breakdowns and, thus, having to spend money on replacing stuff that craps out. https://reefbum.com/instructional/5-money-saving-reef-tank-tips-during-covid-19/
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    who got the balls to roll their 400 gallon tank around?
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    Aquasaw Frag Saw

    I have this aquasaw that I no longer need. I put new sponges on it as well. I'm asking 200 or trade for ammo reloading/shooting supplies.
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    NPS Corals?

    I would wait for most too but a sun coral is relatively easy to spot feed without a ton of waste as opposed to a carnation coral or sea whips and such that require lots of planktonic food. In your spot I would go ahead with a sun coral but make it count like a fish addition timing wise.
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    Ryan's First SW Tank (10g NUVO)

    Just got the rocks today and after spending 40 mins breaking apart a 9lber this is what I came up with. Thoughts??
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    I’m really disappointed that the disco ball wasn’t integrated in time lol
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    Ryan's First SW Tank (10g NUVO)

    Update 1... Sand is rinsed and ready to go. Also made a cutout of the tank to figure out my rock work. I guess that's the engineer in me lol.
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    My Finally 60 Cube!

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    Eye Candy

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    Would You Pick Either Tank?

    Made it home but its a mess.. stand needs a new top. Fish are in a tub with a powerhead and heater. LR are in 3 separate 5 gallon buckets fully submerged.. how long can I keep them in there?
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    Oh no guys I suddenly need to buy 12 more frags
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    My first Waterbox!

    Almost there!!!
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    Would You Pick Either Tank?

    Fingers crossed might have a tank by Saturday

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