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    The last post wins

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    My 110 reef build

    Here are some pics.... I set this tank up In January of this year.
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    LRS has been proud to sponsor Brandon Rutherford's classroom reef project for a few years now. These third grade students are doing amazing things! In this podcast we learned about how the kids captive bred 500 clownfish in their classroom and sold them to a prominent wholesaler! They grew the live feeds and everything, which is so awesome. To listen go here: http://reeffrenzyradio.com/podcasts/ (You can also download the LRS app in iTunes and the podcast in GooglePlay) If you would like to visit his website to learn more or DONATE used or new equipment you may have lying around here is the link: http://mrrutherfordisawesome.weebly.com/reef-system.html It is really inspiring to see the dedication and hard work Brandon has put in to keep this project going and growing!
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    If you have Never Been to a Frag Swap Before Check out this Video from a previous swap to get an idea of all the fun that you will have https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nanVWZhUuzw Vendors from around the country come to sell coral (much of which are the amazing brightly colored corals that you see online). It is also a great way to meet old friends and make new friends that are in the hobby. You will find the hottest Zoanthids, Acros, Acans, Chalices, Mushrooms, etc. all at great prices!
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    Luke Schnabel

    Crimson's 2018 Expo farg sale

    That’s good news! It defiantly helps when you can sell some frags and keep the hobby supported by its own income. So far I’ve been able to support it 100% with selling frags and that includes buying new equipment as well. If your already mainiting a tank it doesn’t take hardly any more effort to keep a frag tank plumbed to the same system. Hope you can get going and have a spot come next years swap!
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    My 110 reef build

    Looks great. I am a few months behind you and this gives me some inspiration.
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    The Next Captive Reefs Frag Swap will be the West Michigan Frag Swap (Grand Rapids, Michigan) May 6, 2018 https://www.facebook.com/events/1520541804758151/?active_tab=discussion Click on the Link Above for More Info. Mark Your Calendars :)
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    New guy

    Hey guys, I just started a build thread over in members tanks
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    My 110 reef build

    The first pic is of the tank at the persons house I bought it from. I set up my Frag tank tonight.
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    Crimson's 2018 Expo farg sale

    My wife told me on the way home that I can get a frag tank, and maybe start doing shows in the next year or two! I think talking with you and your wife helped push her over the edge. I could hug and kiss you both. LOL.
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