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    New Stuff

    Went to Matt's today and got a Foxface and Scoly. Both are looking extremely healthy after the transition. So many good looking corals I am lucky to be so close to a great store.
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    Lol I wish I had pics of my old set up when we bought our house in 90. I remember having a rock beauty, seahorses, horshoe crabs, a lion fish, and a coral banded shrimp in there all at once with my undergravel filter! Feeding gold fish no less lol
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    GIVEAWAY Inland Frag Saw

    We have a winner. Congrats to Sharon L. from Rochester, NY. You are now the proud owner of a new Inland Frag Saw. Thanks to everyone that entered. Who wants a 2nd chance to win another frag saw? Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and watch for the next video for another shot at winning.
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    FTS Friday 2018-05-18

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