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    Frags for Sale

    Frag tank's full. Lots of nice stuff available in Lima. Also, lots listed on reeftrader.com for next weekend's swap in Columbus.
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    I use the Twist-In myself and I love it! I had the RO Buddie before and it is a HUGE improvement. We have a shipment from Vertex en route to replenish inventory because sales picked up quite a bit once those big discounts went live. The pure/waste water ratio for the Twist-In is 1:3.5. For the Puratek 100 GPD system, the ratio is 1:2.5. For the Puratek Deluxe 100 GPD, it's even better at 1:1. From the manufacturer: The Deluxe model has a lot more features. Both are going to deliver more efficient water production and have features to improve longevity which will save you money. The Deluxe model is a big step up. With the included booster pump, you'll have perfect water pressure so the system performs optimally. The TDS meter will help you monitor water purity too so you'll know when to replace cartridges so you don't do it prematurely (or wait too long). And yes, we still offer 15% off for life for replacement cartridges when you buy a reverse osmosis system from us. Here are the deets: https://www.marinedepot.com/reverse_osmosis_water_filtration_systems-ap.html Let me know if you have more questions! Jeff @MarineDepot
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    @philsreef was our 2500th! Thanks to everyone for making BuckeyeReef the greatest local club around!
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    Thanks guys. We are extremely excited to get this thing rolling. Unfortunately, we have not yet released the table layout to vendors. Keep in mind, we will be reaching out to those who had spots last year first, and then filling in after that. We are working on adding more tables and vendors, to make this more enjoyable for everyone involved. We apologize for the delay, and hopefully this will be out soon!
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    I'm balder and fatter now. But I'd like to believe I'm funnier and more charismatic! LOL
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    @MarineDepot I have been eyeballing a new RODI unit. I have been running the Aquaticlife Twist and am not totally happy just because of the operating expense. I like the features on the Vertex 100 GPD, and given the 25% discount now may be the time to buy. Any recommendations for RODI units, or experience with this particular unit? Also, do you guys still do a discount on replacement filters if the unit is purchased through MD?
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    I don't know Jeff might have Robert beat in the looks department.
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