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    75 G converted from FW to SW

    Never mind. found link...order made
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    euphylin me

    Zoanthid eating nudibranchs...help.

    I would go for the flatworm dips if you are afraid of putting it in the tank along with manual removal. I would dip twice a week and remove as many as you can by hand....it should work. Just know that flatworm won't do anything to eggs. That's why I suggested dipping once or twice a week with a few days in between
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    euphylin me

    75 G converted from FW to SW

    great find on the sand calculator! i had no idea one existed!
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    Urgent help needed please read.

    I would immediately start copper on him, and pull all the fish to do a copper treatment on all of them. This is the best course of action to save all the fish but it is not without difficulties. Are you familiar with copper? Are you familiar with going fishless for the display tank for 72 days to allowe the parasites in the tank to die out? Do you have any copper intolerant fish? You could run a ich management system but I do not recommend it.
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