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    Getting close I’m excited.
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    I got the email from Jesse. Can’t wait for the show!!!
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    Ai Prime

    I would probably turn that off too. I wonder how hard that is on the drivers?
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    Ai Prime

    Yeah the storm is kind of lame with just one prime....on the hydra 52's it looks much cooler, but really needs the lights enclosed in a canopy to get full effect
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    Biscuit Starfish

    Thank goodness for multiple tanks. Easy to move stuff around!
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    Oh I will! Muttley told me awhile back that he was looking for a bigger tank!
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    Biscuit Starfish

    My wife would get rid of me or all my coral first lol. I’ll figure something out!
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    Chemical Filtration

    if I notice the water with a yellow tint I run some carbon for a few days do this very rarely 1-2 times a year
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    I love my geo CaRx. No doubt about it. It is very true though that you need a good quality regulator. Many people love the carbon dower because it’s electronic etc, but a good dual stage regulator built by Alan or yourself (on the other sites there are plenty of ppl willing to help in threads designed to build a regulator) from there it isn’t much different than dosing. Set it today, test it tomorrow and change as needed, then do it again until you get where you need to be. corey
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    I'm gonna try to make it, for the first time. It's been awhile since I've harassed Larry DuPont in person lol
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