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    Ok. Thanks for the update. I’m really hoping to be able to get a table. I just recently started my business so this would be a huge opportunity for us.
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    weekend tank plans?

    Planning on wiring my VDM into my LEDs on the 29 this weekend. If the weather is really crappy and I can’t work outside Sunday I may start clearing a place for the 37 cube.
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    I might just do that! I would love the input on my ideas and to share our progress.
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    You should start a thread telling us about it. I’d like to hear!
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    Travis's 32 gallon biocube

    I really like the flame tipped algae!
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    Travis's 32 gallon biocube

    After just a few days in my tank it's got the orange tips.
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    Travis's 32 gallon biocube

    Some good shots of the Orange serpent starfish and a few new corals and macro algae
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    Rainbow BTA

    going to pause this and distribute to Forgiven & Shook. If they continue to do well I will distribute again.
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