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    Come see us at INDMAS Frag Swap 2019

    I can understand why and can't blame you. INDMAS was aware of our date months before they set theirs, acknowledged it, and decided on that date anyways. Vendors in the area are the losers in that situation, hopefully they will be more considerate of neighboring clubs in the future.
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    Just joined from R2R

    Yeah I dont like buying them before actually owning the tank I'm upgrading to. As much as I wanted to get a tang in my 90, I wanted to wait for a bigger tank.
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    Who carries RRA's products?

    Looking for who carries RRA's products? You will find them here! Want RRA's phyto and pods closer to home? Tell your local fish store about us, we accept orders anytime and have pricing that can't be topped! -Phytoplankton- Aquatics and Exotics, Mount Healthy,OH Aquatics Galore LLC, Dayton/Fairborn,OH A Little Bit Fishy LLC, Monroe,OH -Copepods- Aquatics and Exotics, Mount Healthy
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    It’s getting there!!!!

    So 1 month after the move and it’s slowly but surely getting there. More rock and a head that I am hoping will be overtaken by coralline but if not, at least my wife feels she is apart of the hobby. Tell me what you think and if there is something I can improve.......
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    Victoria Musics 180 rebuild

    Huh? Oh, wait...I fixed it. I do enjoy the Aquarium Adentures but that was a brain blip.
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    Full Tank Shot Friday (FTS) 02/08/2019

    Every ones tanks are looking great! Seeing all those frags mounted front and center reminds me how kind you all are to share as you do. Xoxo ps. I look forward to fragging and sharing with you all too!
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    How to Get Rid of Cyanobacteria

    Another excellent video!
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    What salt?

    I am using Fritz as it was what the first store I walked into was selling. Reaching the 1 year mark with good results.
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