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    GHL New product tour - Rap 2019

    GHL New product tour - Rap 2019 - Doser 2.1 proflux 4, KH Director, Ion Director, mitras, ptc2
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    curious if anyone knows

    My guess would be the RO/DI will take it out of the water but not sure. I pull my water from the pond and have yet to have any issues with anything. It runs through its own filter system before the RO/DI as well.
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    curious if anyone knows

    I heard the same about the algae. I can’t figure out how it’s going to be bad. Farmers haven’t been able to get into the fields because it’s too wet, so where is all the phosphate coming from. Oh wait the city of Toledo’s sewage and all the runoff from the landfills by the lake!!! But I’m on city of Toledo water system, so I’m curious as to the RODI thing as well. The new filtration system that has been installed for Toledo and the fact they will be watching better should help some.
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    Getting out of the hobby

    Elegance gone
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    Send it to me, I’ll get it going for you and work out the kinks
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    My pleasure. To me, this is what a club is all about. Helping each other where we can.
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    That’s my thought exactly. Lol. If they do get eaten the eels better enjoy them and I’ll take it as lesson learned. They have wiped out most of my coraline and between them and my 2 urchins my glass and liverock have never been cleaner. I do miss having the purple on my rocks though.
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    GHL New product tour - Rap 2019

    That sucks! I’m going to be so broke the next two years.
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    Jon Fishman

    Kid Proofing aquarium cabinet

    I looked through my phone for a solid 15 minutes looking for the picture of my kids locked in the dog cage...... pretty upset at myself that I can't find it.......
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    Unused trident for sale

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    Jon Fishman

    Jerry's EVO XII Build

    The stupid thing is opening.... and never "fully" closed even when transferring..... but it looks very sad in comparison to the guy's tank I got it from! I am working a 16 hr, but will try to get pics of it when I get home if the lights aren't already off by then.
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