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    180g build.... slowly but surely

    Upgrading from a 120 to a 180. I've always wanted a 6' tank but never had the room. Recently moved into a new house so of course time to upgrade, lol. I bought the 180 and stand off of a fellow reefer. The 180 has never had water in it. I had a friend of mine build me a canopy and refinish the stand. We went with a furniture quality stand and canopy. Turned out excellent. The front of the canopy lifts up to access lighting and for easy coral/live rock placement. Most likely wont get wet until spring. I have alot to do. Sump is going in my basement.
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    Humu Humu trigger fish

    Yes Bucky now lives in Ft. Wayne lol and wow what a place he has over there. Walked out with a bunch of snails and 2 pieces of nice coral. Thanks for suggesting it. Will be going back lol
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    180g build.... slowly but surely

    Worked on the canopy a bit. Mounted my 4' reefbreeder led light fixture. I'm going to add a two 60" T5 bulbs using a BRS retro kit. I also installed a couple of gas struts to hold the canopy up. Not much but its forward progress, lol.
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    The 65 at feeding time. Up to 11 bubble tips now!
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    Water storage

    Seems us plastics offers a discount that gets bigger the more are purchased. I think im likely to go that route and make the drive. Anyone else wanna get one as well? Can do a sort of group buy and save everyone money. I should be able to haul several back in the truck bed, and could probably get a small trailer if need be. https://www.usplastic.com/catalog/item.aspx?itemid=65658&catid=871 This is the tank i think i plan to get. Ill be getting 2, so im already at a 5% discount. 2 more gets us to 10% Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk

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