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    Full Tank Shot Friday (FTS) 11/22/2019

    sunrise lights this morning
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    Adding a couple pics of my 40 long. I spent 2 hours getting the coralline off the front glass today. I haven’t been able to see through it for several months, but tank is actually doing pretty good. I’ll upload a vid I made of the clowns enjoying this anemone!
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    Black friday scores

    I was back in the Pittsburgh area visiting family and had a chance to stop by The Reef Gallery for there Black Friday sale. The had a ton of great frags, even high end acros like RR Orange Passion, TCK Pikachu, JF Crazy Fox and Raja Rampage Chalice and more...all at $5. Unfortunately i was #16 to get my chance at the frag tank and it was picked over pretty well but i was able to get my hands on a the crazy fox, raja rampage, a nice piece of vivids rainbow delight, bubblegum digi, miami hurricane chalice, and an acro i cant remember the name of. Something Funky Table Acro is what i was told.
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    I think that should be fine. but you know what you need..... a sinularia!!!!!!!!!!! one of mine just got pushed off a rock by a larger one. its neon green!!
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    Jake’s 90 gallon

    The Babylon snail came out yesterday Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I did it for the Marco rock and tonga rock (50 lbs of rock) but scored some coral too. I declined the fish (including 2 tangs) The scoly wasn’t looking too hot, but it is doing a lot better already I wish I had pictures of the rocks I love those tonga sticks!!
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    Wishy washed 120

    It’s still going to be a week or so. Next is rock work. Because I’m excited about it. Then plumbing. Then I’ll start fillin her up.
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    Aquarium Meme's anyone?

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    Tearing it down

    I have 50 gallons of rodi in my basement i can mix it to salt and heat and stir it just let me know im in Bedford
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    That could be a deal worth taking on a little debt for!
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    Welcome to the forum! Please feel free to start a thread formally introducing yourself and telling us about your system. P.S. we like a lot of pics!
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    Scott C

    Black friday scores

    93g cube from my lfs. A BashSea Sump, a Bubble Magus skimmer... some liferock for the new 93. Um... ordered a Neptune ATO pump... some InTank filter floss. Saved about $600 all in. Spent... well... more than that. Merry Christmas to me! lol Now I'm poor. So, please buy my 45g cube. lol. It's posted.
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    Jon Fishman

    Random Craigslist scores

    Here is a new tonga branch. I am growing out a JF Jck-Lantern Lepto frag that I broke and I am going to glue it low and try to cover this branch with it
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    here is the Singapore Angel
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    Where is the “order online” button?
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    euphylin me

    Ive been MIA!

    Sorry guys! I haven't been around too much. Life has been getting crazy. My nano has been getting some hair algae and i lost a coral or two because of it. For those who care, I got asked to become a travel soccer coach, so I had to take a course out in Cleveland (im in maumee). Im also planning my wedding (dont do it, its a trap!). In all honesty, I've been a little stagnant with my tank and i think that has caused me to put it on the back burner. When you stop buying things for your tank it gets easy to set it aside (for me anyways). I'm going to put more effort forth and dive back in!
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    Jumping back in the water.

    halfway home!! Put water into the overflows and no leaks of bulkheads or drain pipes so far. Filled up sump partially and started return pump. Had a couple unions I didn’t have all the way tight. Oops.
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    Would like some feedback please

    There are a lot of hollows and caves behind the rocks. I was having problems drilling the reef saver rock because it would either split the rock or just crumble around the drill area so it wouldn’t hold tight. So I had to change what I was going for. I wanted to get all of the rock I had in there so I could move the stock tank as well lol.
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    Colored tubing?

    Brs only has rigid pipe. I haven’t checked eBay. But I will.
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    Wishy washed 120

    Ok. So I finally decided on getting a 120. Not only have I decided. I actually bought one. Thanks @Mussin! What a great looking tank. Also got a sump. It’s a Skimz up36. It has a crack on one side. So the ato reservoir leaks. Not the end of the world as the rest is in great shape (brand new in box). And will make a nice sump for the 120. I have the build planned down to the fish. No corals planned at this time. But will most definitely be coming later. This will be a slow build. And will be made up of premium equipment. Most I hope to find used. Here are some pics. Borrowed this pic from @Mussin’s for sale post. Here is the crack. Not sure if it can be repaired. But plenty of room under the tank to add an ato holding tank if needed. Sump has been leak tested and passed. stand will be refinished and a canopy added to the tank. Also scored this from an old reefer @sadow. It will hold 65g of mixed saltwater. Updates to come in time. As stated, it will be a slow build. I have to remodel the living room before I start this build.
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    Wishy washed 120

    Looks awesome!
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    180-240 Gallon Upgrade

    I am looking to upgrade around tax time to a 180-240 gallon glass reef tank preferably reef ready. At the moment I’m focusing on a new tank but was wondering if anybody had any recommendations on where to get one for a good price. I’m located in Fostoria and have found some close by for a decent price but figured couldn’t hurt to look around a bit.
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    Pico de Gallo(n) Jar

    Okay nobody talked me out of it so I picked up two lol. Will post pictures later!
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    Could always move to the 90 if necessary right? It would be an interesting experiment!
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    90 Gallon Starfire SPS

    Some teaser pictures
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    Pay Bills... Or Buy a Fishtank?

    That’s a super crazy price. And a beautiful set up. o and to answer your question. Screw the bills. Buy a fish tank. Lol
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    90 Gallon Starfire SPS

    Thanks! Luckily it’s nothing I would have to mess with too much. I also learned that I should have taped over my labels on the cords. The majority of them have fallen off. Last night the regal tang was pretty bloated and swimming sideways at times. I put in 4 tablespoons on Epsom salt and woke up this morning to tang crap all over the bottom of the QT tank. So whatever the blockage was (air?) it passed and he is back to normal this afternoon. also received a mesh DIY top to add to the tank. Depending on how it looks once it’s on I may or may not use it.
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    Sump... conventional vs stock tank

    More heaters but more volume for stability I’m looking at hooking my stock tank into my system eventually plus some other tanks.
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    90 Gallon Starfire SPS

    It’s pretty sweet under the lights. Ill have to experiment with amount of par to see how the colors come out. i picked up a Neptune pmk so I’ll be able to pin point the par values for certain areas of the tank.
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    Wishy washed 120

    Looks good can’t wait to see this come together
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    Wishy washed 120

    Smart choice caulking! I did mine as well to better seal it up in case of any spills. Stand looks great!
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    Jon Fishman

    Learning as I go......

    Good! Just swims, eats, and poops!
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    Controller Cabinet?

    A place to store reagents and dosing supplies for the automation? lighting control (May be covered in what you listed?)
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    My 180 build

    Yes I’m excited get Then in my tank. That Goni is pretty amazing. Was looking at videos of big colony and wow they are beautiful
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    I would also seriously look into doing the carpet tiles on the bottom of the stand like I did joe. Especially after putting in that nice new flooring.
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    90 Gallon Starfire SPS

    Yeah I haven’t crossed that bridge yet but I’ll have to get a tank sitter on standby just in case. Ideally the next house will have a generator with a switch panel.
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    What could be going on here?

    Turning out to be a nice piece of furniture.
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    90 Gallon Starfire SPS

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    90 Gallon Starfire SPS

    And the bubble king is down for a week. I should have serviced and cleaned the pump prior since I picked this up second hand. The motor stopped working on my today and pulses now. Ordered a new motor block that I’m hoping arrives by the end of the week. The tank started clearing up over the past 10 days or so but I’m getting another dino bloom and hard green coralline growth on the rocks. I’ll be able to measure phosphates with a Hanna checker I ordered for now the tank is still in the ugly stage
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    ........ here is my Firefish, "LARGE" Banggai Cardinalfish and Yellow Clown Goby
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    What could be going on here?

    Wow. Great work! Someone sure is going to have a great looking canopy.
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    What could be going on here?

    Thank you sir! Should finish tomorrow! Here are the door frame pets with all the joinery done.
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    90 Gallon Starfire SPS

    Trident Arrived as well as another DOS/DDR for magnesium/Acropower dosing.
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    Bhergia Nudibranchs

    Crazy excellent offer there! Here too! This is why I love this club! When they get in I will take one of you up on this.
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    Yellow and black sun coral

    That’s what I’m expecting. Figured was worth a try. I have some orange that’s doing great want to add on
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    Yellow and black sun coral

    This may be a hard one to find locally. May have to order on the line for this one.
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    Sea Cucumber - Yellow

    I have one. He is huge! Interesting creature to watch.
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