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    My 75g Hot-Tub

    Wastes a lot of water but if you have an apex run a coil of led in your sump and connect to cold water and a drain. Let the water run to cool tank down when apex alarms for temp.
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    Bear's IM 10

    Tank is looking great!
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    My 180 upgrade

    Well made some progress today. I got my frag tank located and mounted, I got my holes drilled through the wall for my return lines, and started welding up the brackets to hold my lights. I just need to weld a gusset on the brackets and get them powder coated. I picked up my Marco reef rock and am waiting on the E-Marco 400 mortar to assemble my aquascape.
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    Zoa success

    So maybe 3 months ago I saw this little polyp drifting along the bottom of the tank and I asked you all what to do. You encouraged me to get it out of the tank and mount it to a plug or rock and let er ride. You then walked me through the process step by step and I successfully mounted my first "Frag". Today I see he sprouted a new polyp and I am super excited. That means it is striving right? It hasn't opened up yet but I can see it's there!
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    June 2019 POTM Winner!

    Congratulations to @JeffInOhio for winning this month's contest with this awesome photo! Please congratulate @JeffInOhio for the win and a big thank you to sponsor @Premiumaq @JeffInOhio please PM me for your $25 gift certificate to Premium Aquatics!
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    Saltwater Smarts

    They sort of retired Saltwater Smarts. Chris now has a drone photography/videography business. https://www.toledoaerialmedia.com/
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    Viparspectra 165 w led

    Ive got a couple of these lights running. over my 300 ive got 6 lights, so theres a little overlap from the lights, but if it gives you an idea none of mine are turned up past 70% on blues and those ones are only that high so I can support sps and my clam lower in the tank. and the whites channel is at its highest 25-30. Dr. Fraggenstien is right, very easy to bleach, and it takes a couple months sometimes to see the effect of your changes. if a coral starts to darken or turn torwards a brown its not enough. and if it starts to pale it is either too much or changed too quickly
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    Jon Fishman

    My 75g Hot-Tub

    I will probably buy one online, so I can deal with throwing it in a window at midnight when I’m not at work!
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    Update: the project still exists! I did one red solo cup water change for a couple days, then I didn’t touch it until now. Algae gone, inverts still alive, and some very resilient palys still kicking. I’m thinking about trying to add some more coral again
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    Nice. I just moved here from Colorado last year. I miss it out there for sure! Grand Lake is great. If you head north into the park, you have a pretty good chance of seeing some moose.
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    Jon Fishman

    what's next?

    Ok ! Long day of work, but making these water changes and tank cleaning happen edit: Come to think of it, I haven’t had to clean the glass , not even with the magnet thingy, for at least 2 weeks. Maybe I am low on nutrients. Good thing I never test anything
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    Jon Fishman

    Lets see those sumps

    The “high and dry” sump setup seems to be terribly ineffective this far.
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    Mp40 wet side stopped working

    Hmmm i had a allowance but then i did a thing... And she was maybe you and the couch will get real close idk
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