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  1. We made a lot of memories in this place. For those of you who don’t know this was the home of the Buckeye Reef expo. “Former Holiday Inn French Quarter to be turned into mixed-use commercial center 'French Quarter Square” https://www.wtol.com/mobile/article/news/local/former-holiday-inn-french-quarter-to-be-demolished-rebuilt-as-multi-use-center/512-8e23a1b2-ed11-4781-8d23-16c82ed23c43
  2. i would buy one the day @GHL release it. It seems to be a dead product though.
  3. If you view this thread post a photo of your tank.
  4. With the recent reopening of Maricultured Indonesian corals, we (at Bali Aquarium) finally got back some corals that we terribly missed. Some corals are very popular for brief periods of time but other times like with the Pikachu Acropora which was popular two years ago, is still on top of list now. Bryaninops natans is a very nice tiny goby that lives in groups among an Acropora colony The Pikachu Acropora microclados is among these sorts of perennial coral strains. We got lucky in a recent dive in Indonesia to find few more of them and thought it would be interesting to desc
  5. Equipment maintenance is very important and I really try to be diligent and keep up with it. If you let it slide then breakdowns or malfunctions are inevitable. It is especially important to keep up with the required maintenance for a peristaltic dosing pump. I use the GHL Doser 2.1 pump and if I don’t clean it on a regular basis it will not run at an optimal level. And that is not good since myself and others rely on it to be precise. My Doser Pump Maintenance Routine First of all, I inspect each doser head on a weekly basis to make sure I don’t see any cracks in the cover. I also m
  6. Jesse

    My Tank is Cursed

    Sorry to hear. Maybe the time to get to something knew will help get the tank right first.
  7. Ultra Reef Borei Skimmer Skims its Own Way The new Borei protein skimmer from UltraReef is perhaps one of the most exciting new designs of a smaller protein skimmer that we’ve seen in quite some time. At first glance it appears to be a simple enough fractionator but with UltraReef’s name on it, we know from experience that it’s hiding more than a few tricks. First of all, all UltraReef products are hand made with generous use of machined and lathed parts so the Borei Skimmer is the furthest from injection molded as you can possibly get. In traditional Ultra Reef fashion, all th
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