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  1. Everyone doesn’t have Facebook. As @rjchiles suggested livestream would be the best third party option.
  2. Petco in BG has the smallest Mandarin ever and it’s Aquacultured. This photo turned out pretty blurry but you can see how tiny this girl is compared to the zoas. I bet she isn’t 1/2” long.
  3. We are heading to Indian Lake for the evening. Will see if the twins allow us to stay over night or not. This will be their first time attempting to stay away from their elements.
  4. Can’t wait to see the results in your tank.
  5. For those of you that don’t know what FTS Friday is. This is a weekly thread meant for everyone to share a “Full Tank Shot” of your aquarium. Don’t be shy. We love to see photos of everyone’s tank or tanks. 
  6. This Super Green Kenya Tree’ from Reefkoi is the Bomb! Soft corals are one of the most overlooked group of corals in the aquarium hobby, which is a darn shame since there’s so much variety to appreciate. The most recent softy to really perk up our polyps is a super green variety of the almost invasive Kenya Tree coral. There’s actually a few brown soft corals that go by the name of ‘Kenya Tree’, both of which belong to the genus Litophyton, not to be confused with the Lithophyllon colonial disc corals. The Litophyton genus of ‘Kenya Trees’ itself also includes at least thirteen different species, many of which could be variable both in color, shape and growth form. Also don’t confuse it with another soft coral genus called Capnella which is often seen in a minty green, but much more commonly available. https://reefbuilders.com/2019/05/23/super-green-kenya-tree-soft-coral/
  7. Budding aquarist Jaylen Stout recently submitted a creative and original science fair project for his school’s science fair project which should blow most of the others out of the water. With the recent craze and interest in bubble tip anemones, Jaylen’s project looking at the effect of feeding Entacmea quadricolor should be of great interest to all reefers. Back when we were in school the most advanced life form that students might have considered experimenting with was a plant, but there’s no question that anemones make for much more interesting scientific inquiry. But bubble tip anemones are about as easy to keep as some plants, and their ability to grow, shrink, expand, color up and even split is way more interesting than measuring vertical growth or counting leaves from a plant. The bubble tip anemones were housed in a basic saltwater aquarium with appropriate lighting and water flow. One of the lucky bubble tips was fed a paste of Coral Feast every other day for a month after which point there was a clear improvement in health and vigor of the beloved Cnidarian. The control anemone was only provided with light and flow and while it may have consumed some of the organics from the feeding, it didn’t grow nearly as much as the test animal. The bubble tip anemone which was fed not only grew much faster and larger, developing more and fuller tentacles, but it also became significantly more colorful. The growth and vigor of the fed anemone is to be expected but there was also some surprise observations. The control anemone was constantly moving and even got out of the makeshift basket on one occasion but the anemone that got fed stayed put throughout the experiment. Perhaps diligent feeding of bubble tips and even other anemones could be one habit we can practice to help keep anemones in place in a reef display. In just a few short weeks Jaylen demonstrated the importance of feeding aquarium anemones and the benefits it has towards their growth and development. We really hope the science fair judges appreciate and recognize Jaylen’s very original experiment, and the question it answers for a whole world of reef keepers. https://reefbuilders.com/2019/05/23/bubble-tip-anemones-make-for-a-great-science-fair-project/
  8. What do you plan on buying in the group buy? For me: - Powerbar - Breakout box - Float Switch Possibly Temp, and humidity probe/card w/fan setup depending on the discount.
  9. Jesse


    I'm getting it at Toledo Aqua Culture as well. I know the following places carry it. Aqua Culture - Toledo, OH Summit City Coral - Ft. Wayne, IN Aquarium Artisans - Cincinatti, OH Matt's Corals - Columbus, OH
  10. I'm not sure you want to see my mug on livestream haha.
  11. Awesome to see 11 entries in the first photo contest in a long time. This poll is multiple choice. Vote for everyone you think deserves to win. This months subject is "Fish." Sponsored by @Premiumaq. desagon Dr.Fraggenstien Joe JMM Craig Crimsonvice surjer KMHREEFER Jesse Kprïbé88 Aughts reef
  12. Jesse

    Yellow coris wrasse

    I have one and its quickly becoming one of my favorite fish.
  13. I'm not a fan of any scopas tang to be honest. @Zaireguy should probably buy a school of them for his tank.
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