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  1. Jesse

    Yellow Coris Wrasse

    Don’t forget these guys destroy flatworms. If you have flatworms this guy is your friend.
  2. Jesse

    What is this?

    I say it is a baby shroom. That’s exactly how a Yuma creates new ones.
  3. What will this system become once you defeat the caleurpa?
  4. Good to know. I will have to try it out and see.
  5. Are you on the old apex or new?
  6. You sure this is possible? This still wouldn't allow me to rename the outputs on the ATK would it?
  7. I'm getting completely geeked out on options with the ProfiLux. My only problem is when researching I stumble upon new options I hadn't seen before like the Humidity + Temperature Sensor. Couple Questions as I can't find much info on this sensor. - What are some uses for this sensor? Is it to simply monitor the humidity in the house and shut the heater off if needed? - Do I need to buy the "PLM-Humidity-Temp" in addition to the sensor? - How does this sensor work? I assume you mount it outside the stand/canopy in open air? Links: Humidity + Temperature Sensor PLM-Humidity-Temp
  8. Hope everyone has a great Easter Sunday.
  9. Are you coming to get this pump tomorrow?
  10. Very cool! I love seeing younger people get into the hobby. Looks like you have a smart boy on your hands.
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