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  1. I need this one for all my farmer buddies. My boy is also obsessed with tractors. Reasons enough right? Jason Fox John Deere Leptastrea Light: MEDIUM Water Flow: MEDIUM https://jasonfoxsignaturecorals.com/products/lps-22?_pos=1&_sid=d951635cc&_ss=r
  2. Jesse

    Sps Recommendations?

    Bali green slimer
  3. I picked up this orange hammer but am having a heck of a time getting a good photo of it.
  4. Finish this sentence with some tips for others. In order to keep healthy reef tank you must...
  5. I'd be interested when you have some as well.
  6. COMMERCIAL FISHERS NOTIFIED THAT ALL AQUARIUM COLLECTIONS ARE INVALID (HONOLULU) – Circuit Court Judge Jeffrey Crabtree ruled today that all commercial aquarium fishing is completely banned in the State of Hawaiʻi, unless and until the aquarium fishing industry has completed the Chapter 343 environmental review process. The ruling was made in response to a request by aquarium fishing opponents. Anyone who takes marine life for commercial purposes must have a commercial marine license (CML) issued by the Department of Land and Natural Resources’ Division of Aquatic Resources (DA
  7. We now have this par meter at Buckeye Reef in club tools for supporters. PQ-510 Package: microCache and Full-spectrum Quantum with 2 meter cable This promotional package includes a SQ-500-SS2 Full-spectrum Quantum sensor (with a 2 meter cable), a microCache Bluetooth micro-logger, an AA-090 protective Neoprene Case, an extra 2545 microCache battery, and an AM-020 Apogee PVC Sensor Platform. The extended 2 meter cable of the SS2 model allows the microCache to be positioned further from the sensor, such as out of the water when used with coral reef tanks or for other application
  8. In your opinion what invert is a must have as part of a cleanup crew in your tank?
  9. In our recent visit to Bali aquarich, we were greeted again with two new hybrid varieties of pygmy Angelfish. It looks like this place is an hybrid factory, every month comes with its share of new fish. Since Mr Su purposefully mixes all kind of Angelfish in his huge spawning pools, it’s always a lottery to try to find out what hybrid crosses we’re going to get. We are always speculating when it comes to half inch juvenile hybrid angelfish. It’s only when they reach adulthood that we can finally give an almost truthfully answer as to what possible mix are in these fish. As for now,
  10. Not a bad idea to order them quarantined. I may try this myself.
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