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  1. Hi Everyone ! my husband was off on an adventure a few weeks ago and called and asked me, "how would you like a 90 gallon tank and stand for $50?" LoL We've been married 5 years and I guess I never mentioned that I'd have 4 tanks, (2) 55's and (2) 29's. Anyway, he starts telling me what all is included and then says, "Just drive down and see what's here." I get to the garage sale and take a look and it's a 125 gallon with an older eheim canister filter. Anyway, it's been YEARS since I've had tanks and I got a Fluval FX6 the other day. I already had 2 55 75 Aqueon Quiet Flow power filters that are brand new. So I filled the tank and started those up 2 days ago. Now to sit down and figure out this Fluval . Please, I'm open for any and all suggestions. My plan is a tank full of African cichlids. Any help, suggestions, websites will be greatly appreciated. How does everyone "cycle" their tanks ?? Thanks for any help !! jbsowers1963
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