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  1. I am looking for a good price on a hang on back skimmer that will support a 65 gallon reef tank. If anyone has one or knows where to get one I'd love to hear from you! Thanks in advance.
  2. Pretty big update! Yesterday my girlfriend and I headed down to Monroe Ohio to head to a new fish store called A Little Bit Fishy, the store was pretty small with a fairly small saltwater selection but what they had was listed for crazy low prices! The first thing we saw when we walked in was a black snowflake clown for 19.99 and we had basically decided right away he was going home with us. But a few tanks down they had a black ice pair of clowns for 39.99 and we were sold. We snagged up the Black Ice Pair and were going to call it a day until we saw their saltwater sale tanks near the freshwater section. Royal Gramma for 5 bucks, don't mind if I do. And since we didn't spend as much as we were expecting, my girlfriend picked out a fairly large frag (10 heads) of rasta zoas for $20! If you live in the Dayton/Cincinnati area I would definitely recommend checking this place out! I will get a picture of the zoas once they open, I just turned the lights on in the tank
  3. Through sheer will and a little bit of frustration me and my girlfriend were able to get thos T5 light up! We used plant hangers and metal wire to hang the light from the wall since we have a drop ceiling. I'm really excited to get thos up. It has 3 blue bulbs and one white. It's a 48 inch fixture 2 feet off of the tank! What are your opinions on T5's? I love them! Also big thanks to @castlet67 for the fixture!
  4. I actually have a really nice t5 light that I'm going to be setting up possibly today or this weekend. The current USA I have on there now is just a placeholder until I get this one on thank you though! Also I'm in the Dayton area
  5. The nitrate test kit is next on the list. I did some research and looked into which was more important to have, people said you really want to make sure your nitrites are at 0 but you could get away with a few nitrates so I chose to snag the nitrite kit so the nitrate will be the next one I grab.
  6. Tank update! Finally! After grabbing up ALMOST all of the Salifert test kits and a fair amount of snails I have some questions! Right now I have 5 turbos, 4 astera snails and 4 nerite snails. Some guides say i should have what I think are an outrageous number of snails. Some of the online kits have about 20 of each type. So my question is, how many should I have for this 65 build? Also we made an impulse buy the other day (shocker) but nevertheless we came home with a trumpet coral. I had one in the past and it was one of the only corals to just not work out. It ended up bleaching so I figured this would be my redemption. I found a great spot on the rock work, my girlfriend thought she had a better spot for it but my hard headedness just wasnt having it (you know how it is when you just have that vision). Long story short, I was wrong. 2 days later it looked awful. I think we had our LED on too high and i think it began to fry it so we moved it to her spot and it seems.... stable? It hasn't had any loss in color in the last few days so we are thinking that it is on a come back. What do you guys recommend for bringing a coral back from a bad spot? Pictured have been included as to when we first got it and then now. Also my parameters are listed below. Like I said i only have some test kits, if I'm missing something dire feel free to let me know! Thanks all! Happy reefing!
  7. I'm sure I'm missing a few but here they are! Some of them are getting to work right away. I think I waited a little long to get snails. Woke up one morning and had diatom out the wazoo, so we grabbed a total of 11 snails today but Friday is payday so you best believe I'll be grabbing more this weekend.
  8. I went with a combo of Nerite, Astrea and Ceriths! Thanks guys!
  9. Going to head out tomorrow and grab some snails for my 60. What do you guys recommend? I do have some diatom algae in the tank. Thanks in advance!
  10. How much for a frag of chaos, I might swing by in the coming weeks to grab some coral
  11. How much do you charge for shipping?
  12. I am looking for small frags of Utter Chaos and Gorilla Nipple Zoanthids! I am in the Dayton Area but would be willing to pay shipping if the frag is a good price. I'll include pictures if people aren't familiar with the names
  13. Where are you located?
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