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  1. I would like this to go to a good home. 1200 takes everything
  2. Industrial parkway. Plain city address but just outside of Dublin
  3. I have had this one running for 6 years now. Overall condition is great. All pumps, plumbing, electronics are functioning as it should. The tank itself is a standard 180 gallon tank. Tank with stand is 26x67x69
  4. 2 of them are about 4 years old. One is not quite 2. They do have some newer parts like the wet sides and 2 of them have the updated controller. I do have an extra newer controller
  5. I will separate as soon as I can get rid of the livestock I am going to try to upload some pics tomorrow
  6. I am consolidating tanks and need to get rid of a bunch of stuff. 180 gallon tank, 3 kessil a360we with controller, 2x mp40, 2x sicce pumps do not remember the model, 55 gallon sump, ato, kessil refugium light, bubble magus curve 7 skimmer, digital aquatics reefkeeper w/ extra modules, lots of filter socks, salt, brute cans if you need x 3, some various triton reagents, test kits, dual carbon reactors, a few smaller pumps. I have an extra 10 gallon brute trach can full of rock, some dr tims products, Lots of other little stuff. Basically everything to run this tank for a good long while. The t
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